Barnsley Buzzes with the Tax Champion

13th Sep 2011
Nick Cable

Barnsley Buzzes with the Tax Champion

Thanks to Steve Knowles, the Tax Champion for delivering the 4Sight today on the goings on at HMRC, very interesting and clearly changed my perception of the tax office and what is possible when  you are negotiating your own tax bill.

Please leave your comments about the meeting, remind people of your offers, extend a further greeting to our visitors, offer some support and help them join our network community. 

Dont forget Jo Ruston has tickets available for her Barnsley Burlesque Extravaganza, which i am sure will be very entertaining!!!

And finally, help all our causes, invite some guests along, they can be existing customers or prospects of your own!!!


13th Sep 2011
Michelle Poole
Virtual Hand

Great meeting so thanks to Judith, Nick and Will.

Good to see so many new and "old" faces.

Julie Sykes doing her 6th half marathon puts my running attempts to shame; so good luck Julie for Sunday. I'll be thinking of you whilst resting!

Steve Saville clearly needs some help so if you've got any of his business cards bring them to the next meeting so he has some to hand out.

See you all soon and bring a friend or potential friend and make it work for you.


13th Sep 2011
Katie Mays
Barnsley East Printi...

Fab meeting this morning, lovely to see some old friends back on the 4N circuit after the holiday season. No to mention getting to see lovely pics of Pam Thompson’s new granddaughter.

Love my Tuesday mornings at 4N Barnsley !!

13th Sep 2011
Sarah Hunt
BSP Systems Limited

Hi everyone, great meeting this morning, nice to see you all again. I think the next time you see me I will be a 4N member Open Mouthed Smile

Kind Regards

Sarah Hunt

Business Development Manager

BSP Systems Limited

84 Sheffield Road

Hoyland Common


South Yorkshire

S74 0DQ

01226 748084

07704 976725

13th Sep 2011
Robin Tones
Robin Tones Coaching

Great to see some young blood at the meeting today, also how many people were recommending people in the room, obviously we have met, liked, know and thus trusted each other!

13th Sep 2011
Andy Green
Leagus Video Ltd

It's always a great welcome at Barnsley. Many thanks. Makes the networking experience much better when you're with 'friends'.

As mentioned and to help people make the most of using video to promote their services, we've put together a set of three video packages. Please go to my profile for details and costs.

Finally, I spoke with David at Marketing Advice and found out that we'd worked at the same marketing agency years back. It's a small world.

Thanks again for a great start to Tuesday.


13th Sep 2011
Bob Snowzell

Good job done by thje team. Well done!

Great atmosphere and  mind boggling 4sight







14th Sep 2011
David Emslie
Marketing Advice

Thanks for welcoming me to Barnsley, I'd always charged past on the M1 before now.

I shall remember to stop off at junction 37 every now and again from now on.

Hope to see some of you at the Sheffield Quadrant meeting on Wednesday 21st for our Marketing Basics and LinkedIn training events later that day.

Give me a shout if you'd like to know more.

15th Sep 2011
Joanne Ruston
Darton Arrow

Great meeting at Barnsley this week - really enjoyed it and yes as Nick said i will be bringing tickets to the next meeting for the Barnsley Burlesque Extravaganza ( 30th September , Barnsley Trades Club ) and may well wear a dress.



3rd Oct 2011
Bridget Pearson
Your Bridge to China...

Hi everyone I have really enjoyed meeting you all and finding out about all the different businesses around Barnsley! I am quite excited about starting up my own little business and finding out more :-) I am currently designing a new business card and creating a website.

I went to the burlesque show with my parents and saw a few of you there which was nice!

See you all soon


Bridget Pearson

Helping Businesses deal with China



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