Fiona Bray - I'm thrilled for you, BUT sad for us! Lots of Luck xx

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  21st Dec 2011 - 16:30 21st Dec 2011
Steve Baker
Stephen Baker Financ...

Hi Fiona,

I am joining this thread late but I would like to add my feelings that your energy and drive will be missed by all @ 4 N and perhaps the powers that be should have tried harder to keep you on board??

  21st Dec 2011 - 20:58 21st Dec 2011
Fiona Bray
That Fiona Bray

Thank you for that sentiment, Steve.  Diplomacy rocks Wink xx

  21st Dec 2011 - 21:11 21st Dec 2011
Sarah Olney

Omigod!  Thank you so much all of you for your wonderful messages both on this forum and privately - I am frankly stunned.  For the past year I have lived and breathed 4Networking and it has really worked for me - I have benefited in every sense both personally and in my business.  I don't want anyone, however to think I am stepping back from the network for arrogant reasons - yes, my business is beginning to really thrive but that is nowtwhy I have chosen now to go.  The simple truth is that I am an all or nothing girl and for me I can't see a way of being a member without running my Area ... I just know that I would want to interfere - particularly with the groups I set up and that just wouldn't be fair on anyone.


I'm not going to list all the people who have helped me and supported me on my journey to today - it would take too long and you all know who you are but over and above all every meeting, every 121, every passing conversation has had value to me - that's what networking is.  


Stay in touch - keep networking online (I will) and feel free to call me anytime ... 


Love to you all #poshtotty  Wink xx

Exactly, so why aren't you still running your Area then Fi - sorry, this just doesn't seem to make sense? I thought it was because you were too busy - this seems to imply otherwise? You were/are exceptionally outstanding at what you achieved in the relatively short space of time you have been in 4N and set the benchmark for how it should be done, picking good people, energetic, well organised, charismatic....the energy in your teams and the numbers and the visitors and conversions were a role model for what I certainly wanted to achieve where I could support in the area I help out in and I can see from this thread and Twitter that everyone else thinks the same.


  21st Dec 2011 - 22:11 21st Dec 2011
Clive Mulligan
Simply Consulting
Steve you make a very interesting point and something I have thought about this year. The plain fact is that if networking becomes highly successful for a member as their business develops then there will come a point where time commitment becomes an issue and you inevitably have to consider where your time is best spent and what proves to be the most profitable.

Closer to your point Steve is how an organisation that is made up of thousands of individual members develops its talent pool which helps the organisation drive onward. Yes there is a reward for being on a team or being an Area Leader but it is still a considerable commitment that ultimately eats into the time available for your business. The real challenge is getting the right people in the right roles doing the right things at the right time, something Fiona has proved over and over again this year. The challenge for the network is to identify those capable leaders for future roles and develop them into them or indeed create roles for those who are demonstrably talented.

Sarah, far from it to answer on Fiona's behalf, as a good friend of hers I think she feels at this stage she could not do more than she has given but with her developing business it meant that the required time commitment to 4N to maintain the momentum wasn't something she was going to be able to maintain. As a lady who commits 100% I think she felt something had to go and unfortunately it was her commitment to 4N. I am sure she will explain if you care to call her Sarah.

Admiring her and seeing her develop in the network it comes as no surprise to me that her business is as successful as it it. In my book it's "givers gain". Fiona is an exemplar networker who has given much to others in the network and I for one an delighted she is now starting to reap the rewards.

4Networking works - sure it does and this is a case in point!
  21st Dec 2011 - 23:33 21st Dec 2011
Paul Dean
Crimson Leaf Copywri...
I wonder whayt "diplomacy rocks" means then Clive?
  21st Dec 2011 - 23:52 21st Dec 2011
Clive Mulligan
Simply Consulting
Not for me to speculate on that Paul
  22nd Dec 2011 - 16:37 22nd Dec 2011
Paul Dean
Crimson Leaf Copywri...
Not for me to speculate on that Paul

Indeed, nor me.


  22nd Dec 2011 - 16:45 22nd Dec 2011

from my perspective its frustrating when someone like Fiona leaves - our paths didn't cross huge amounts but didn't take a genius (hence why i can write this) to see Fiona knew what she was doing - plus when she invited you to one of her groups to 4sight - all the stops were pulled out to ensure best possible attendance - can't really ask for more than that 

  22nd Dec 2011 - 17:12 22nd Dec 2011
Mike Seddon


I've just recently heard your news and what can I say.

You bough a certain special sparkle to every 4N meeting you attended. I'll miss that sparkle and I envy those who you are shining it on now.

Go Girl!


  22nd Dec 2011 - 22:02 22nd Dec 2011
Alison Thompson
The Proof Fairy / AD...
Sorry, maybe I'm being dense but I still don't understand, given that your signature clearly says that you are ( or were) area leader for five groups .... So you can't stand just being an "ordinary" member while someone else takes over? Good job we don't all do that or there'd be no members left!

Anyway, glad business is so busy for you ... Obviously too busy for you to get back to me about the work I tried to put your way ...
  28th Dec 2011 - 14:13 28th Dec 2011
Fiona Bray
That Fiona Bray

Alison - I am trying to maintain some dignity here but since you seem determined to be provocative let me just say 3 things:


  1. When I took over from you as Area Leader at Oxford I seem to remember that it was quite a while before you came back to visit.  That was your choice, I perfectly  understood and never felt the need to challenge you
  2. Hopefully now I won't have to endure your nasty  notes to me in my private mail in Facebook or even worse publically on my Facebook  wall - definitely not good PR for you or 4networking.
  3. You were perfectly well versed with what was going on in my private life.  I apologise if I overlooked your property - I can assure you it was not personal and if you would like some advice (gratis as agreed) I am still happy to give it.

I have not said that I am gone forever, merely that right now I do not have the time to give my usual energy to either the role or being a member. 

Hopefully that is now clear for you.

PS:  I have amended my signature to reflect the fact that I am no longer an Area Leader I have not said that it is one of the hardest things I have had to do in recent years - I loved being an AL, loved working with my teams to produce vibrant groups that attracted excellent numbers and loved being at the meetings.  Sadly I can't do the role or my membership justice right now.  But watch this space - I never close doors Wink  xx

  29th Dec 2011 - 11:33 29th Dec 2011
Alison Thompson
The Proof Fairy / AD...

OK confusion over ... I genuinely didn't realise that you were no longer Area Leader as it was all over your signature ... so taking that off clears things up.  But to come back on your comments ...

I actually only missed 3 Oxford meetings between standing down and my first visit as a regular member ... and for one of those I was in Egypt!!! I don't even understand your comment about not feeling the need to  "challenge" me, what could there possibly be to have challenged me about?  I was on holiday for a week and then busy with work and trying out other groups. I certainly didn't stay away because I couldn't bear to be there with you running it (and during that time I also visited all three of the other groups I'd been AL for .... I have no concerns about being at a group run by someone else that  I used to run!)

Nasty little notes? I have no idea what you mean - all I did was email to express my best wishes for your daughter after her accident, but to query why you had to cancel your 4sight at Faringdon but were able to attend a meeting further north on the same day. As a mother I could completely understand why you had to cancel, so hearing that you were living it up at another meeting really hurt me personally ... 

And finally as it goes I am not at all well versed on your personal life, you told me on at least three occasions that you'd be in touch about my grandfather's house but never did. We're still trying to sell it and the available cash to pay for his nursing home is fast running out but unfortunately I don't feel there is the right relationship between us for me to pass that work on to you now, which is a shame.

Yeah I know I shouldn't have responded here, but I don't like being accused of stuff in public either ... Anyway, I know you'll be missed, and I genuinely wish you luck with your business. 


  29th Dec 2011 - 13:44 29th Dec 2011
Brad Burton
The great thing about 4N Is people can leave at anytime should circumstances change.. The great thing about 4N is people can come back at anytime should circumstances change.

4N Rocks
  29th Dec 2011 - 13:47 29th Dec 2011
Brad Burton
An org like 4N is gonna have a churn rate. It took me awhile to get my head around this. Even those that get massive benefits from 4N move on from time to time.

Get used to it, it's the nature of the network.. Equally we are seeing loads
of former members returning I think that's both encouraging and cool
  29th Dec 2011 - 14:18 29th Dec 2011
Fiona Bray
That Fiona Bray

Dead right,  Brad - and watch this space.  I needed some space but there is an email going to HQ later today from me about membership.  And yes, 4N rocks - I'm living proof of that Wink xx

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