4N v's Other networking groups

  29th Dec 2011 - 09:15 29th Dec 2011
Mark Brown
BCR Associates

4N v's Other networking groups

I'm looking to "expand" my networking beyond 4N.

Anyone got any good tips or snippets of advice ?

All welcome.


  29th Dec 2011 - 09:32 29th Dec 2011
Stefan Thomas
The Networking Retreat

There are loads of other options out there and the question is probably best answered by someone local to you (as the popularity or otherwise of most networking groups is often a local/regional thing). When I joined 4N I was already a member of BNI (although that chapter has now closed) plus BizLinx at lunchtime (worst £1100 I ever spent frankly) plus the various independent networking groups in Oxfordshire.

Think on this as well Mark. Have you been using your 4N membership enough? You could have attended a whole load more 4N breakfasts in the time you've been a member - which is what I did when I first got started.

Also, you have asked some questions on here, particularly about the size of businesses you're trying to get to, and then don't seem to respond to the answers which are given. Get stuck into the forum in a different way, don't just start posts that are about your business, involved yourself in other people's discussions too. Did you even read the post where several of us are connected to businesses with many thousands of employees for example?

As with any other marketing activity - what is working for you - you should be doing more of that.

  29th Dec 2011 - 09:32 29th Dec 2011

Can you provide more information regarding type of networking you would like to do (morning/afternoon/evening) and type of networking?

  29th Dec 2011 - 13:42 29th Dec 2011
Brad Burton
People are people wherever you network. Unless the am's are a problem, I'd look at working out how I get 4n working better for you.

I'd be willing to give you a bell if you fancy a 10 min chat
  29th Dec 2011 - 13:53 29th Dec 2011
Stuart Gregory
Lentune Mortgage Con...

A quick Google search wil be able to identify other networking groups in your area - however I've found ones that compliment 4N - but could never replace it.

Local Chambers of Commerce for example?

Apart from that - how about online via Twitter? Won't cost you a penny and you can build a decent online profile in conjunction with the 4N Forum.

  29th Dec 2011 - 18:17 29th Dec 2011
* Clancy

Hi Mark

You may find this useful


In my 20+ years of all genres of Networking I have determined, sadly, that only 20% of members of ANY network implement the training/coaching/mentoring/advice provided by the organisers and team leaders.

This 20% also end up with 80% of the Quality referrals generated by the networking group.

Give me a bell anytime if you want to discuss this further

All the best for 2012




  29th Dec 2011 - 18:17 29th Dec 2011
Kevin Arrow
Sark E Media

Hi Mark,


a mate of mine is based near you and is a member of a very successfull BNI chapter, he also networks elsewhere in the area, pm me your email and i will  introduce you to him



  29th Dec 2011 - 20:22 29th Dec 2011
Michelle McDines
Michelle McDines

Hi Mark

My suggestion would be to get clear on who it is you want to do business with first. 

Then consider the following:

1. Where do those people hang out? By that I don't just mean networking events, but what other types of events do they go to, what do they read, where do they go online - and look at how you can be present in those places

2. Who already has a trust relationship with those people? By identifying these people and building relationships with them, you can leverage their relationships giving you a faster result than trying to build relationships directly with your target market on an individual basis.  For instance, if you had a product that was of benefit to people who worked out, you might consider building relationships with personal trainers.  The personal trainer will be trusted by their clients so building a relationship with the personal trainer gives you access to his clients.

3. Where do these people hang out?

Also, consider putting on your own events.  My first business worked solely with IT companies.  In the days when BNI was pretty much the only show in town, it was difficult for me because their format only allowed one technology company per chapter - so it was a very slow slog getting contacts.  So I started my own network that gave tech companies an opportunity to network with each other.  It delivered great benefits to the companies who started collaborating on all sorts of projects, but also gave me a very soft introduction to them.  There's an accountant up here who has a monthly social at his house for people he's met networking both offline and online.  They're proving very popular and raising his profile immensely.

  29th Dec 2011 - 21:13 29th Dec 2011
Alex McCann
Altrincham HQ

Michelle - I've not been to Nigel's meetings yet but plan to soon

  29th Dec 2011 - 21:13 29th Dec 2011

Hi Mark,

Please get in touch or PM me... I might have a few ideas for you

Have a great New Year!!

Warm wishes, Chris

  30th Dec 2011 - 09:12 30th Dec 2011
Chris Kenber
Chris Kenber Coaching

Morning Mark

I've been through this exercise myself and have some suggestions for you.

Do make contact if you'd like to.

Regards, Chris

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