Does Sex/Attractiveness/Presentation Sell? Business and Vanity...

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  10th Jan 2012 - 12:25 10th Jan 2012

Does Sex/Attractiveness/Presentation Sell? Business and Vanity...

I got into a very lengthy debate with a friend of mine over a weekend meal about the issue of attractiveness/presentation and marketing...

  • One thing that springed into my mind is would you be more likely to click on a members post if you were attracted to them?
  • Are people more inclined to do business with attractive, well presented people? 
  • Are you more likely to do business with someone in a suit than in a t-shirt (see recent BBC documentary on innocent smoothies)?
  • Are attractive/well presented people likely to find it easier to get ahead in life? 



  10th Jan 2012 - 13:15 10th Jan 2012
Danny Slevin
Customer Insight

Well, as i'm sure everyone has noticed, i'm incredibly attractive and aren't nearly ahead enough in life, in fact would say i'm significantly behind. Sad

Also, since i went from suits to polo shirts, have seen a lot more business come my way.

General rule of thumb: Whatever make you comfortable, and doesn't make the other person uncomfortable. 

  10th Jan 2012 - 15:00 10th Jan 2012
Carl Nixon
Excel Expert Ltd

My looks have never held me back outside of nightclubs and pubs

  10th Jan 2012 - 15:04 10th Jan 2012
Dave Bradburn
Opus Creative Design...
Surely it's all about personality rather than looks? :p Can't help noticing it's only blokes in this thread so far. Make of that what you will!
  10th Jan 2012 - 15:12 10th Jan 2012
Gary Smith

The eyes interpret the person far sooner than personality has got off the ground. I think it used to be called the "halo effect". I do think that we all have stereotypes deep in our subconscious irrespective of how much we try to be rational. It is all part of the primeval fight or flight reflex.So, a person will dress to woo even without being aware of it.


  10th Jan 2012 - 15:33 10th Jan 2012

When it comes to selling, I'm afraid attractive females do hold all the aces, though whether they're any good at playing them depends on the individual.

The effect tends also to be more of a factor in smaller ticket selling and generally tails off with bigger numbers.

  10th Jan 2012 - 15:35 10th Jan 2012
Greg Shearman
Jags Catering Company
Smart and well presented is essential with Sales...

Good looking ? - actually overly made up blondes and a too well groomed male puts me off !
  10th Jan 2012 - 15:48 10th Jan 2012
Cat Johnson
Edson Print (Service...

Personally, I would rather deal with someone who has a great personality rather than looks.  I like customers and suppliers that I can gel with and enjoy a good chat and a coffee, rather than someone who tends to over-groom themselves and has the personality of a brick!

I agree with Greg, Overly made up ladies or well groomed male (where you can't breathe for the smell of aftershave) really puts me off!

Also as Gary states, some people are far too quick to judge a person on looks rather than find out what's behind a face.... I myself have been guilty of this when I was younger but I've got a lot wiser as I've got older and do not make a decision until I get to know someone, which is the great thing about 4N as you build a relationship with people over a period of time and therefore also build up the trust element, making everyone more receptive to dealing with you.

Give me a relaxed, smiley, happy person anyday whatever they look like or are wearing! Open Mouthed Smile

  10th Jan 2012 - 16:06 10th Jan 2012
Simon Ward
Mr Green Estate Agents

Being attractive definitely helps.  

  10th Jan 2012 - 17:14 10th Jan 2012
Lee Rickler
Point and Stare

A while ago a female friend and me did a test at a 4n breakkie.
She is fairly good looking, smiling, happy etc and generally a lovely person.
We both, generally, do the same thing.

40 seconds came and went - we kept things to a minimum with a basic "i do websites' - and when it came to 1-2-1s I had no takers at all - she, on the other hand had half the room wanting to talk to her.
I presume not all of them needed a website.

  10th Jan 2012 - 18:05 10th Jan 2012

^^ Whs. Rocket science it ain't.

  10th Jan 2012 - 20:09 10th Jan 2012
Dave Bradburn
Opus Creative Design...
Like it or not, we all make judgements about people based on their appearance. The audition rounds of things like X-factor and Britain's Got Talent illustrate that well enough. Opinions may change once we hear and see a little more of what someone has to offer, but different people will be starting out from a different point based on that initial first impression. That applies in business just as much as anywhere else. And yes, if someone has overdone it and appears fake, you may well assume that what they have to say us fake too.
  10th Jan 2012 - 20:23 10th Jan 2012
Brad Burton
I think honestly.. Yes it does.

More intelligence, is a benefit. More confidence. More.. Therefore more attractiveness helps
  10th Jan 2012 - 20:49 10th Jan 2012
Stella Davis
Depends what that person is selling. If it is cosmetics or skin care, or services such as a beauty therapist for example then it is likely that they will achieve more sales because they need to represent their industry.
If they are plumbers, electricians or web designers, etc, then no matter how pretty they may be, if they cannot do the job, then they are redundant.
  10th Jan 2012 - 20:57 10th Jan 2012
Sarah Lawrence
SL First Ltd
It all helps - sense of humour is good to have. Ice breaker for anyone who feels awkward.
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