Denise McCallum, Detective Denise - support needed

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  13th Jan 2012 - 19:36 13th Jan 2012
Sarah Olney

Dear Denise, I am sorry to hear you are so poorly, I thought may be something wasn't quite right as you were tired at the Xmas Party and have said so since. We've had a laugh or two on here and I really enjoy your posts, praying for you and thinking of you, take care, and I am so glad the Bradders is coming to see you - that'll cheer you up I hope, hopefully you or Tom can let us all know how you are doing - take a day at a time, I'd love to get up to see you too, if you are well enough over the next couple of months, Sarah xxxx

  13th Jan 2012 - 19:36 13th Jan 2012
Russell Hewer
Tailored Tours UK

Sending you lots of good thoughts and prayers

I know that cancer can be beaten and keep postive


  13th Jan 2012 - 19:39 13th Jan 2012
Jody Fletcher
Chilli Promotional P...
So sorry to hear this Denise, but keep positive.... You're one fantastic lady and I am sure you will show cancer the door. Sending you loads of love and hugs xxxx
  13th Jan 2012 - 19:41 13th Jan 2012
Kym Hall
I Heart Business
Hey Denise, remember last year when you said you're stronger than this - hell yes you are. You're one of the most amazing people I know.

Sending you the biggest squidge.

When you're out of that bed, drinks are on me.

Much love xx
  13th Jan 2012 - 19:47 13th Jan 2012
Jay Blake
Jay Brand Ambassador

Denise - reading this list of blogs there are clearly a number of us as people of faith praying for you.

I believe in a God who can and does heal.  I pray in Jesus name for your healing and fast recovery
Thoughts and prayers with you and those you love!

God Bless you


  13th Jan 2012 - 19:52 13th Jan 2012
Gareth Coxon
Dot Design Media Ltd

Big Love to Denise my Words With Friends pal, thoughts and best wishes with you, fight on.

  13th Jan 2012 - 19:57 13th Jan 2012
Jon Hilton
Pulse Rate Training ...
Denise you will do anything to try and take the 3rd most loved 4Ner title off me. Right it's time to get serious, kick this sh*t up the arse and tell it to piss off. I am coming next week to do some voodoo crap on the cancer and kick start you back to good help.
On a serious note please stay strong babe keep the fight x
  13th Jan 2012 - 19:59 13th Jan 2012

All the very best, Denise.

From another fan you've never met.

  13th Jan 2012 - 20:05 13th Jan 2012
Neil Crawford
Lynwood Bookkeepers

Get well soon Denise

All the Best

See ya soon

  13th Jan 2012 - 20:14 13th Jan 2012
Colin Hicks
PAH Accounting

Get well soon Denise, were all with you to help your fight  MIGHTY COLIN

  13th Jan 2012 - 20:15 13th Jan 2012
Allie Langham
Chrysalis Photography

Wishing you well Denise... fight it and tell it to bog off.

Lots of love for you on here - take it and use it.



  13th Jan 2012 - 20:20 13th Jan 2012

Big hugs Denise - get your battle armour on & fight the bastard cancer all the way x

  13th Jan 2012 - 20:26 13th Jan 2012
Daniel Nutton
Ibuild Property Mana...
Hey Denise you kick the sh*t out of that cancer stay strong you have it in you.

Massive love
  13th Jan 2012 - 20:39 13th Jan 2012
All the best Denise.... Keep fighting, keep positive and you'll be fighting fit again in no time!! X
  13th Jan 2012 - 20:41 13th Jan 2012
Mark Blacklee
Curo Marketing Ltd

Bloody hell!! I feel sick having read this.

Denise you are nothing short of an insiration to many including me.

You were one of the first people i met within 4N and unlike so many people above I have not just had the pleasure of meeting you but sharing breakfast wth you many times and watching Detective Denise the brand go from strength to strength as you will be doing soon enough I am sure.

Get well soon Denise and I know you will be sick of hearing this but if you need anything at all just pick up the phone :)

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