The perfect 4N Mindset ???

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  20th Jan 2012 - 18:46 20th Jan 2012

The perfect 4N Mindset ???

Here is an email i recieved today via linked in. I have removed the name for obvious reasons. Worth a read to see how NOT to meet, like, trust...

Hi all

I would like to offer you the choice to remove yourself from my linked in connections.

My use of linked in is purely professional and as such if you are not interested in purchasing a service or product to improve the quality of your life from my business**** further details can be found at
www***.com then I have nothing to offer you and suggest we terminate our professional association.

If on the other hand you know you have something that I may wish to purchase then here's your chance to sell it to me.

Professionally and personally you will find out what my needs are from my site or linked in profile. Obviously I will not buy into services that I am capable of doing for myself and will let you know and asked to be removed from your list of contacts.

Please reply to this email with your decision or pitch. I promise if there is a no thanks then you will be removed forthwith and no one will have access to your contact details from me.

Thank you for your time and if we are to remain connected then I hope it is a long and profitable relationship for the both of us.


Any comments?


  20th Jan 2012 - 18:51 20th Jan 2012
Michelle Dalley
Creating Media

OMG Neville - I was literally just about to post this on the forum.

Just read the email / Linked In message that was also sent to me...

I am shocked. I do not usually link in with people that I don;t know or know of but we have to assume that she accepeted my invite or I accepted hers.


I am genuinely open mouthed in shock at this.  Look forward to everyon'e commets Surprised

  20th Jan 2012 - 18:54 20th Jan 2012

Hi Michelle,

I couldnt believe it either. Im tempted to suggest to brad he sends her a copy of his GOYA books! SHall i use this as my new 40 seconds LOL?

I must admit i do feel rather shocked

  20th Jan 2012 - 18:55 20th Jan 2012

Michelle, i will add you to my linked in even though your not buying anything....

  20th Jan 2012 - 18:58 20th Jan 2012
Michelle Dalley
Creating Media

Dear Neville

What could we possibly ever have in common? Why would I want to add more contacts to my network?

Surely they will all want to sell me stuff? 

Ps Do you need a logo or website Tongue Out

  20th Jan 2012 - 19:04 20th Jan 2012


I couldnt find you anyway and i will only add you if you take out a mortgage or take out a life insurance policy! talking of which there is a special £50 voucher scheme going at the moment if you do take one out or change your existing. If not then our 'relationship' ends here.... Open Mouthed Smile


  20th Jan 2012 - 19:10 20th Jan 2012

ive just removed my first ever Linked in connection but replaced it with a new much nicer one instead. I feel better now, lets all hug

  20th Jan 2012 - 19:19 20th Jan 2012
Michelle Dalley
Creating Media

aAAAHHHH Group Hug!


  20th Jan 2012 - 19:21 20th Jan 2012
Danny Slevin
Customer Insight

That's absolutely fantastic, thanks for sharing Neville. 

Out of interest what is the guy's (possibly soon to be former) business??

  20th Jan 2012 - 21:03 20th Jan 2012
Stefan Thomas
The Networking Retreat

I'm just disappointed I didn't get the same Email!

Anyone mind if I move this to the 4N Business section. Cos it's class.

  20th Jan 2012 - 21:07 20th Jan 2012
Steve White
Thornbury Collections

Yep received mine about an hour ago. I thought I'd offended said person and was looking forward to viewing their profile to remind myself of our relationship. Now ex-relationship!!

  20th Jan 2012 - 21:10 20th Jan 2012

No idea what would possess someone to send a PM like that, it's almost as though he woke up this morning and thought: 

"what is the single best way to destroy every relationship I have in one day? Ah! The buy or die message"



  20th Jan 2012 - 21:16 20th Jan 2012
Michelle Dalley
Creating Media
Stef - definitely move it! I know someone else who sent a fantastically sarcastic response!
  20th Jan 2012 - 21:17 20th Jan 2012
Lee Rickler
Point and Stare

Danny - it is a woman - the site is a typical 'life coach' site going nowhere - and no surprise with that kind of outlook.

  20th Jan 2012 - 21:54 20th Jan 2012
Helun Ford
Consilium Occupation...
Methinks someone needs some "coaching"!!
How to win friends and influence people.....not!

What goes through these people's minds???
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