24th Feb 2012 - 15:51 24th Feb 2012
Robert Hyde
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I love listening to them when I'm out with the dog or stuck in a comms room. Which are your favourite.


Personally, I love Danny Baker's show on Five Live and I like Dave Gorman's show off Absolute.


Any others I should be looking out for?


Almost forgot, I quite like the Daily Bacon off Five Live too!

  29th Feb 2012 - 17:17 29th Feb 2012
Graeme Thomas
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WTF with Marc Maron -  is a great one from the States. Great interviews. the latest one is with Weird Al Yankovic. There has also been interviews with Kevin Pollock, Bill Maher, Conan O'Brien, Steven Wright, Penn from Penn and Teller, Rainn Wilson (American Office),  Chris Rock and the list goes on.

Free to download pretty much all of them off itunes.



  5th Mar 2012 - 20:48 5th Mar 2012
Ross Pitcher
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Hi Robert - I like the breakfast show Podcast from Absolute Radio (with Christian O'Connell, Richie, Maggie Doyle and Andrew Bailey)
A really good team with great chemistry, guaranteed to make you smile.

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