Looking for a telecomunications expert

  9th Mar 2012 - 12:46 9th Mar 2012
Steve Abel
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Looking for a telecomunications expert


My company currently utilises a BT versitality system with all the bells and whistles, but I am now keen to join the 21st century and have something more effective for my business which works through all of the desktop computers in the office.

Please pass this lead to someone you know and trust who is an expert in this field.

Thanks for looking


  9th Mar 2012 - 14:22 9th Mar 2012
Chris Lambert
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Have a chat with Craig Childs on 07973484462

  9th Mar 2012 - 15:12 9th Mar 2012
Richard Jones
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Try Cat Johnson from I-com she is the bees knees!!



  9th Mar 2012 - 15:24 9th Mar 2012
Cat Johnson
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Thanks Richard!

Stephen, I will PM you with details of the chap to speak to from Morecom who are our strategic partners but will also give him your details so he can contact you.


  9th Mar 2012 - 16:12 9th Mar 2012
Steve Abel
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Thanks Chris, Thanks Cat, Thanks Richard

Did anyone spot the typo? telecomunications I was just testing you all Wink

Will call Craig and Morecom Monday morning. It's been a long day.

  9th Mar 2012 - 16:29 9th Mar 2012
Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor

Hi Steve ... you have PM :)

  9th Mar 2012 - 16:47 9th Mar 2012
Steve Abel
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Recieved thanks. Speak on Monday

  11th Mar 2012 - 10:09 11th Mar 2012
Brian Fakir
Premium Coffee

Glad your sorted Lesley, BT do offer a phone as part of their BB package too, although be careful of it being converted to a new contract locking you in for a another year. Happy to chat to you about it.


MOB:  07985999748

  12th Mar 2012 - 10:20 12th Mar 2012
Analiza Castillo
Business Buyguide

Hi Stephen,

Still need a telecommunications expert? This will help you find one http://www.businessbuyguide.co.uk/quote/businesstelephones/businessbuyguideAnaliza?osadcampaign=bbgbusphones#requestQuote

Hope this helps.



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