redesigned website - need your comments

  22nd Mar 2012 - 00:43 22nd Mar 2012
Molly Michael
ICE Renovations

redesigned website - need your comments

If you have a few spare minutes just before you knock off for lunch, can I ask you to comment on our redesigned website.  we've gone through a bit a revamp, we think it flows more easily now, we've thrown out the cliches, we've ditched the jargon and scientific words, but we have checked that all our links work!


I've gone goggle eyed looking at it now, so don't notice the blatant mistakes.

Much appreciated.


  28th Mar 2012 - 19:21 28th Mar 2012
Stephen Gullidge


As no-one replied, i thought i would! (plus i am not watching Emmerdale with the wife!)

I like your "trivial pursuit" look with the links in segments, but i did notice nothing else links. I know you have the main bar across the top to visit said pages, but if i was you (and i admit i am limited on websites!) I would have everything down the left linked to a page, ie Bio hazard cleaning is relevant to Case Study one, so it could link to that page...etc...

Other than that, it looks clean (no pun intended) and fresh (another pun unintended) and its a case of "does exactly what is says on the tin!"

Happy Days.


  28th Mar 2012 - 22:56 28th Mar 2012
Richard Jenkins
Stress Free Software

On the 'Prices' page, why is the 'Call: <number> etc.' bit repeated after each service you offer? Just put it in once at the top and then take out the rest, there's no need to duplicate it.

  31st Mar 2012 - 09:29 31st Mar 2012
Hannah Jones
The Kitchen Table

Hi Molly, I think your website is good, there is a Lot of information on there! It does look professional and the layout is clear. 

Good luck


The Kitchen Table, local Devon catering

  2nd Apr 2012 - 17:08 2nd Apr 2012
Christopher Grice
Tree Frog Creative

Hi Molly,
sorry for not posting sooner.. your website looks good, but ,  as with other sites on the forum pages I have had a quick look and submitted it to the wrath of my pre launch check list :-)

  •  there are errors in the code ( see them on the w3c validator at )
  • I think that the page needs something to hold the elements together at the moment, as some parts of the sit look a little lost, especially on a large widescreen monitor.
  • Think about making the browser titles more relevant to your target region / market
  • your menu items seem to be blowing out ( the text is adding lots of  padding , if the text wraps around this looks a little odd.
  • the pie chart on the home page is effective ( i like it) , however some of the images are a little grainy… this would look loads loads better if they were sharpened up

hope this helps you

  4th Apr 2012 - 00:30 4th Apr 2012
Andrew Irvine
More Office Supplies

HI Molly,

I like your site it is nice, i have a few things you might wait to have a look at.

  • Pictures from the pie chart if you can improve would be better, even though very good idea.
  • Dropdown menu on services try and make it wider so it does not cause the services titles to go on 2 lines
  • Your sidebar content try and hyper link to the relevant page on your site, it just covers everyway of getting the browser to the page they want quicker.

Apart from the small things above i think you are good to go.



  5th Apr 2012 - 12:40 5th Apr 2012
Dave Evans

I really like the website, it's very clean and easy to navigate. It's also very easy to see exactly what you do. I like the copy which has good links and gives good USP's.

One thing I may change is to add a strong headline above the image which maybe asks a question such as: Do you want fast, effective and efficient cleaning services that get rid of even the most stubbern industrial stains and dirt? Then welcome to...

Otherwise it's great!

  7th Apr 2012 - 23:36 7th Apr 2012
Molly Michael
ICE Renovations

Added some professional photos of the ICE technicians doing some work, hopefully I haven't gone overboard with them, it adds a bit more of the 'personal touch' to the site now I think.  We've had some great feedback to it.

Thanks for all your inputs.



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