Legal advice. (urgent)

  13th Apr 2012 - 15:50 13th Apr 2012
Adam Stevens
Intelligent Eating

Legal advice. (urgent)

I've got myself in an awful mess and think I now need legal advice.

Had a car burnt out years ago and some sods are chasing me for money - via one of these bailiff organisations, for £1700.

See the links:

link 1 - a letter.

link 2 - ebay thread (mostly for entertainment purposes)

P.S.  Anyone who can sort this will receive an awful lot in return.

  13th Apr 2012 - 17:19 13th Apr 2012
Peter Maynard
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Just left you a message on your mobile.  Am happy to assist if I can.

As well as your letter to the Council, it would be very helpful to see any documentation you have setting out the details of the amount being claimed against you.  Do you know if judgment has been entered against you?  Was all of the court documentation sent to your correct address?

If you call me, I will try to help.

Best regards


  13th Apr 2012 - 21:32 13th Apr 2012
Michelle Dalley
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Seriously speak to Peter Maynard, he is one of the nicest guys in the world and if he can help, he will!

Hope you get sorted
  14th Apr 2012 - 09:45 14th Apr 2012
Keith Poultney DipPFS
AFH Wealth Management

Adam - Talk to peter - top guy - good luck - Keith

  14th Apr 2012 - 14:19 14th Apr 2012
Helun Ford
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Another endorsement for Peter Maynard....lovely guy and great at what he does
  15th Apr 2012 - 13:56 15th Apr 2012
Adam Stevens
Intelligent Eating

Thank you - I'll be in touch tomorrow morning. I am looking for the documentation at the moment, but yes there is a "judgement".

This fifa limit of £600 is absurd , it should be £10k atleast in this day and age....

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