Standing on Chairs at Coventry for Selling by Standing Still

27th Apr 2012
Russell Hewer
Tailored Tours UK

Standing on Chairs at Coventry for Selling by Standing Still

I wanted to thank everyone who listen to my foresight today about how we can connect in business to build trust and sustainable relationships using universal principles

I also mentioned the Child Death Helpline in my foresight

Can you please share this video. I am working tonight at Great Ormond Street Hospital on the Child Death Helpline and I need your help please?


We are all volunteers who have been child bereaved and take calls for parents or siblings that are going through child bereavement including pre-born. We also take calls from professionals dealing with child bereavement. We need to increase our profile so please share this video?


We also need a patron who can help increase our profile and we also need new volunteers as we have lost some in recent months. Please spend a little time to watch the video and share it. My postings about the Child Death Helpline have helped bring volunteers to the CDH so forgive me if you have seen it before.


FREEPHONE 0800 282 986 from a landline

or 0808 800 6019 from any mobile


27th Apr 2012
John Parnell
Hoop Guy Ltd

Well done Russell, and thank you for a very thought provoking 4Sight this morning.

Coventry was fair buzzing again today, we even had to get more tables and places set because some extra people arrived who hadn't booked in !

Had they heard Russell was providing the 4Sight and didn't want to miss it?

There are so many charities competing for money these days and some need a bit of help to get noticed.

It is always difficult to decide which charity to support, but child death is such a terrible thing when it hits home that it really does deserve a mention and some support.

I hope this post helps Russell raise the profile of this charity, who knows when they may need this type of support, hopefully not you, or I, or anyone close to us, but we just never know....

27th Apr 2012
Ian Jarvis

Thanks for the post, Russ, and the talk you gave this morning. I also hope you raise the profile. I have forwarded the links.




27th Apr 2012
Mark Northall

Great 4sight today Russ - Keep up the good work!


29th Apr 2012
Andrew Krajewski
Zosfran Ltd

Sorry that I missed it Russ

Sounds like it was another resounding sucees for you and your 4Sight

Are you willing to to spread the word outside your galaxy?


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