What do I need to do if I have lost my MOT Certificate?

  21st May 2012 - 13:37 21st May 2012

What do I need to do if I have lost my MOT Certificate?

I have lost my MOT Certificate for my car.  Do I have to get a replacemnent or is it ok not to have the certificate just so long car actually is in date of that MOT?

Also just wondering what I do when the next MOT is due - can they just look details up electronically like the car tax people do?

PS -  I'm blaming the husband as I never lose anything and he picked car up from the garage!

  21st May 2012 - 13:52 21st May 2012
Kev Murphet

You can get a duplicate from the MOT station which originally tested the car, (about a tenner)
Car will be on the database showing it is MOT'ed so no worries about getting pulled by old bill.
You dont need the certificate when you next MOT.

You would need it if you Tax at post office rather than online, and also a buyer would want it, if you were selling car.

so pay a tenner or just wait until your next MOT is due.


  21st May 2012 - 14:00 21st May 2012

Cheers Kev

Not planning to sell & just renewed tax online with no problems so will just wait until next MOT when I will go to same garage :-)

  21st May 2012 - 14:05 21st May 2012
Kev Murphet

On the other hand, if you convinced hubby it was time for a new car you wouldn't need to bother with MOT'sTongue Out


  21st May 2012 - 14:27 21st May 2012

I like your thinking!

  21st May 2012 - 14:33 21st May 2012
Omer Hanif
Faraday Keynes Ltd -...

If you are renewing tax online, system will check for Insurance and MOT certification online anyway, so dont worry of you cannot trace your MOT paper

  22nd May 2012 - 09:48 22nd May 2012
Paul OrangeTree
OrangeTree Online

 I have for some years (about 20), not had an MOT carried out. How quaint that they still issue paper certificates!!

  22nd May 2012 - 13:55 22nd May 2012

It is odd isn't it especially as the insurance companies & the DVLA check electronically that you have one - seems a bit pointless.

  22nd May 2012 - 20:37 22nd May 2012
Roger Green
The Car Finder

You can get a duplicate at any MOT testing station for £10 providing you show them the V5. Or if you just want to know when your current MOT runs out then click on this link


or if you want a new car then talk to The Car Finder!

  22nd May 2012 - 20:56 22nd May 2012

lol!  I don't want a new car yet Roger - maybe next year if vivoHR does as well as we hope  Tongue Out

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