Thank you 4N

  20th Feb 2013 - 21:48 20th Feb 2013
Adrian Wilkinson
Trophy Pet Food

Thank you 4N

This time last year with some trepidation we joined 4Networking at Reford.

The intension was to promote the Trophy Pet Foods range of dog and cat foods in our sales area and hopefully increase our sales. I never thought we would make good friends with so many.

Since that nerve racking first meeting we have climbed the Trophy Pet Foods sales league. At our annual conference last week Trophy Pet Foods Doncaster was rewarded with The Presidents Club award. This is given for the most Premium Foods distributed.

To all who have become customers or have recommended our products and service we would like to thank you. To our good friend Mel Downing thanks for twisting my arm and convincing me 4Networking would benefit our business.

The only negative I can think of is the 4kg in weight gained in the last year.

If you would like some honest advice on the Pet Food you use please feel free in contacting us. There are very few ethical quality pet foods on the market today. We are always happy to help.


Trophy Pet Foods Doncaster


  20th Feb 2013 - 21:51 20th Feb 2013
Adam Stevens
Intelligent Eating



  20th Feb 2013 - 21:54 20th Feb 2013
Stefan Thomas
The Networking Retreat

Mel is easily one of the nicest people in 4N.

Lovely post Adrian and well done on your award!

  21st Feb 2013 - 12:31 21st Feb 2013
Mel Downing
Natural Solutions

Aw schucks guys, thank you.  Glad to be of service!

Well done on your award Adrian.  Very well deserved and I know how much you really care about your canine (& feline) customers.

I am really pleased you eventually stopped protesting about the early start and came along to a 4N meeting.  In fairness though you are extremely consistent in being at meetings with your cheery smile and sometimes controversial 40 seconds for breakfast time!  Pleased all the effort has paid off.


  21st Feb 2013 - 12:50 21st Feb 2013
Brad Burton

This rocks.

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