Training and Support - Looking for this

  14th Mar 2016 - 11:50 14th Mar 2016
Lynda Clarke
The Asset Finance Co...

Training and Support - Looking for this

How fabulous that with your membership you get to recieve some training.


Anybody got any grwat experience from this is it worth it? 

  14th Mar 2016 - 12:46 14th Mar 2016
Michael Nagles
4Networking Ltd

Hi Lynda.  It's early days, we have just kicked this new initiative off.  The next webinar will be for members, and I'll add that to the forum today.  Keep watching!

  15th Mar 2016 - 16:13 15th Mar 2016
Sheena Whyatt
KAPOW! Your Personal...


Glad to hear this is of interest - you can read some feedback from the first webinar for team members here:

Next one is coming up in a few days - hope you can make it!!

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