#4NTVLive - The Running Order 2017

  4th Jan 2017 - 17:07 4th Jan 2017
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Spaghetti Agency

#4NTVLive - The Running Order 2017

#4NTVLive is a Facebook Live stream every Saturday morning from 8:30am - 9am in the 4Networking Community Group. It’s your chance to get in front of 1000s of people and tell them your story.

#4NTVLive - it’s another opportunity to raise your profile in 4Networking

This is a great opportunity to raise your profile in the network and gain some Live video practice, or add to your Live broadcast back catalogue. The broadcasts will become posts right after they stop streaming so anyone can catch up with the meeting at any time. You can also share them out on your social media or embed them in your blog or on sites like LinkedIn.

#4NTVLive starts at 8:30am on 22nd October.

Please contact your Regional or Area Leader to have your name put forward as a broadcaster or comment below and we'll contact them for you. 


Coming up on #4NTVLive...

  • 30th Sept: Bernard Keavy - The compound effect on 6 cylinders - How to double your profits in 90 days.

  • 7th October: Claire McTernan - Why time is like a ball of Play-Doh - Claire will show you how to MAXIMISE the most valuable resource in your business - time! A truly unique 4Sight.

  • 14 October: John Turner - Numbers man to advertising man to designer man - A Scouser in Kent with 5 kids, going from employee to business owner!

  • 21st Oct: Ernie Boxall - Turning Up - Standing Up - Speaking Up...Or Your Just Another 'Bloody' Coach. - Inspired by meeting 4Ners Michelle Townsend Kirk Pickstone Claire Russell, Taz Thorntonn, Martin Warrillow and Todd (Just Todd)

  • 28th October: 28th Oct: Karen Chambers - So there I was, naked and covered in mud... - How Karen overcame a deep seated phobia she didn't realise she had, amongst many others! What’s stopping you in your business?

  • Nov 4th: Chris Batten - Pull Up a Sandbag - The story of a journey from the infantry front-line, to cutting edge business, reinvention and innovative solutions for the SME

  • Nov 11th: Lisa Devine - Eliminating the Stresses, Strains and Knots in Your Life. - Learn the basics of giving your partner a massage to help with their day to day muscular stresses, strains and knots

  • Nov 18th: Barry Allaway - 90-Day Goal Mastery - How to get more done in 90-Days than most people achieve in a year.... Pre-set for 2018 Goal setting
  • Nov 25th: Dave Bradburn - You talkin' to me? - Does your literature talk the right language to the right people? Advice on creating effective marketing literature.
  • Dec 2nd: Mark Wilkins - How to Get the Most Out of 4N in 200 Days - Mark will tell us how he’s made the most out of 4N in his first 200 days!
  • Dec 16th Michele Ibbs - Pull Your Knickers Up And Box On - the 2017 Version - Life throws us curve balls constantly - do you give up? NO!!! Pull Your Knickers Up And Box On!
  • Dec 9th: Claire Russell - The Shocking Truth About Suicide - Claire is going to talk to us about the most taboo subject. Mental Health- and why she decided to give some of her time and skills to the Samaritans

  • 23rd Dec: Brad Burton - 4N Founder’s Christmas Special.

  • 30th Dec: Michael Nagles - Network Leader’s New Year’s Honours list.

  • 6th Jan: Marcus Annfield - Bouncebackability - Finding your way out of the calamity!

  • 13th Jan: Jonathan Ashcroft - You're Free to be What You Want to be - Jon will be giving tips on how and when to initiate change in our lives, to embrace who we are and take control of our destiny

  • 20th Jan: Rob Levick - Bread, Cake, Sausage and Systems - What a 4 year old can teach you about your business

  • 27th Jan: Jason Widdop BORING OLD COW! - In a busy, crowded and competitive digital world how do you stand out and generate more leads through your website. I will give you the 4 ingredients of an effective website including some top tips that you can action today.

  4th Jan 2017 - 17:12 4th Jan 2017
Elke Hausler
Elke Hausler - Pain ...

Wow - impressive! I need to pick one or a few of those and come back to Leamington Spa, so it seems! I wish it was closer, than I'd be there every other week!

 Happy New Year everyone!

  4th Jan 2017 - 17:16 4th Jan 2017
' Todd '
Spaghetti Agency
Quote: Elke Hausler (Elke Hausler - Pain Relief)

Wow - impressive! I need to pick one or a few of those and come back to Leamington Spa, so it seems! I wish it was closer, than I'd be there every other week!

 Happy New Year everyone!

Elke. Email me. I have an idea! todd@spaghettiagency.co.uk


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