#4NTVLive - The Running Order 2018

  4th Jan 2017 - 17:07 4th Jan 2017
Graham Todd
Spaghetti Agency

#4NTVLive - The Running Order 2018

#4NTVLive is a Facebook Live stream every Saturday morning from 8:30am - 9am in the 4Networking Community Group. It’s your chance to get in front of 1000s of people and tell them your story.


Here’s how a #4NTVLive meeting will run...

A mini meeting will start live online at 8:30am on Saturday.

One broadcaster will have a very small script to read, keeping it in line with 4Networking.

The broadcaster will introduce the 40 words round (think 40 Seconds, but typed) just like a normal meeting. Viewers can then type their 40 word introductions into the comments box.

The broadcaster will have a small amount of time to read the best ones out. The comments will stay on the Live broadcast on the replay so it’s a great opportunity to gain more reach in the network, and of course links to your websites and blogs are fine and encouraged.

Then you’ll watch an 18 minute 4Sight. The 4Sight will be exactly the same as any other 4Sight in a 4Networking meeting except it’ll be live on Facebook and you’ll have to make your own tea. As normal, sales pitches are not allowed - just great stories and value like you would get in any other 4Networking meeting.

Anyone can view these special Live meetings as long as they’re in this Facebook group (including non-members).

The broadcaster MUST be a passport member at the time of broadcasting.

The #4NTVLive broadcasts will finish at 9am. Just like any other 4Networking meeting we’ll aim to finish on time.

All broadcasters will be contacted prior to their slot and given the script, as well as some tips and instructions for running a Live broadcast in the group.


#4NTVLive - it’s another opportunity to raise your profile in 4Networking

This is a great opportunity to raise your profile in the network and gain some Live video practice, or add to your Live broadcast back catalogue. The broadcasts will become posts right after they stop streaming so anyone can catch up with the meeting at any time. You can also share them out on your social media or embed them in your blog or on sites like LinkedIn.

#4NTVLive starts at 8:30am on 22nd October.

Please contact your Regional or Area Leader to have your name put forward as a broadcaster.

Coming up on #4NTVLive...

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  • 2nd June: Rebecca Harrison - From Ponies to Promotions - A short gallop through life and a few tips I have learn along the way.

  • 9th June: Steven Wade - Next Question Your Honour - 4 things that will help you in court and business.

  • 16th June: Duncan Price - Don’t Pay Attention To This Title! - A 4sight on the importance and impact of positive language.

  • 23rd June: Tom Cumpsty - What the &£*$& is Cryptocurrency and Blockchain? - Tom explains how cryptocurrency and blockchain work, the value they hold, how you can get involved and how to avoid the scams.

  • 30th June: Adam Stevens - Running Red Lights - How to get somewhere really quickly.

  • 7th July: Ian Richards - Taming The Panic Monster - Do you feel that you are underachieving in your Business? Do you procrastinate with daily tasks? In this 4Sight Ian explains why fear can hold us back in our business.

  • 14th July: Michael Nagles

  • 21st July: Kerry Gibbs - The Importance of Boundaries - Setting boundaries to protect your energy, your health, your mind and your business

  • 28th July: Benjamin Dennehy - Social "Selling" vs Cold Calling - Is the fad of social selling just creating weaker sales people, scared to talk to real people, in real time, without an edit function to hand

  • 4th August: Claudia Doring - Be Like Colin! Claudia tells us about the life lessons she learned from her dog. Crazy? Indeed, it is. Caution: 4sight includes special guest.

  • 11th August: Fritha Stuttard - Making Live Video Valuable - Tips and tactics for using live video to attract customers and grow your business

  • 18th August: Croz Crossley - What You Know is Holding You Back - A quick look at how we refuse to take on new information and what can happen when you do.

  • 21st August: Jo Happiness-Howarth - Get Happy! Why should you give two hoots about being happy? Come and find out why it makes good business sense and learn Jo’s 3 top tips!

  • 1st Sept: Delyth Parsons - Growing your business without doing any selling. Delyth shares her tip for growing your business through leveraging the relationships you already have.

  • 8th Sept: Michael Nagles - Autumn Statement - The highlights and news to come from the Network Leader of 4Networking

  • 15th Sept: John Denley - What is Reality? If you could travel back in time what would you change? I'll take you on a journey though your brain biology, teach you how we store memories, how flakey they can be and how we CAN actually change our past!

  • 22nd Sept: Cath Lloyd - Keeping Yourself Sane When The Shit Hits The Fan. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • 29th Sept: Michelle Dalley: How to Network Online and Shake Your Pom Poms With Over 25,000 People Every Day!

  • 6th Oct: Emma Roache - Everyone is Better, Happier and More Successful Than Me. Have you ever felt that in life, business or both, that everyone else is better, happier and more successful than you? Emma will share some tips and experiences to help you feel different.

  • 13th Oct: Todd - Happy Birthday 4NTVLive - 2 Years On - What 4NTVLive has taught me about video

  • 21st Oct: Alison Mead - Making Your Books Sing. Practical tips to save you money and improve on your bookkeeping with a little help from Salt 'n' Pepa!

  4th Jan 2017 - 17:12 4th Jan 2017
Elke Hausler
Elke Hausler - Pain ...

Wow - impressive! I need to pick one or a few of those and come back to Leamington Spa, so it seems! I wish it was closer, than I'd be there every other week!

 Happy New Year everyone!

  4th Jan 2017 - 17:16 4th Jan 2017
Graham Todd
Spaghetti Agency
Quote: Elke Hausler (Elke Hausler - Pain Relief)

Wow - impressive! I need to pick one or a few of those and come back to Leamington Spa, so it seems! I wish it was closer, than I'd be there every other week!

 Happy New Year everyone!

Elke. Email me. I have an idea! todd@spaghettiagency.co.uk


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