Hi everyone.

  10th Jan 2017 - 16:19 10th Jan 2017
Lesley Elliot
Not known yet

Hi everyone.

Hi. My name's Lesley and I am in the process of setting up my own HR consultancy in the Swindon area.

I have over 20 years experience within a large organisation, working in a variety of generalist HR roles so I really think that I have a lot to offer smaller business who don't have the resource or need for dedicated HR support (or larger businesses who need a bit of extra support from time to time for that matter!).

I still have a lot to do and think about before the business goes live, but as I am currently working notice, I have the luxury of thinking and planning time.

I'll be updating my profile and joining a couple of meetings over the next few weeks so I look forward to meeting some of you soon.




  10th Jan 2017 - 18:40 10th Jan 2017
Craig Parsons

Hi Lesley - welcome aboard... you're a bit far from my part of the world (the North West); but I joined relatively recently (October) and have really enjoyed it.  You'll reap what you sow, and it'll likely not be instant... but you'll have good fun along the way!  

If you can make some meetings whilst on your notice, then do... you'll also meet people who can help and advise along the way. 

  10th Jan 2017 - 19:01 10th Jan 2017
Lesley Elliot
Not known yet

Thanks Craig. I must admit I'm having fun already. There is so much to think about and do that my poor little brain is getting quite a work out!

  11th Jan 2017 - 16:18 11th Jan 2017
Jodie Pearson

Hi Julie

Welcome to 4Networking!

Good luck on your new business - sounds brilliant! If you need any help in the mean time with finding your local meetings or the format, dont hesitate to call the support desk on 0845 123 4444.

Jodie @ 4NHQ

  15th Jan 2017 - 17:02 15th Jan 2017
Katie Cruickshank
Best Clean Direct

Hi Lesley.

Welcome to 4Networking and the forum.

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