#4NDevelopmentLive - The Running Order

  11th Jan 2017 - 11:31 11th Jan 2017
Graham Todd
Spaghetti Agency

#4NDevelopmentLive - The Running Order

4N Development Live will run fortnightly on Wednesday evenings at 8:30pm in the 4N Community on Facebook. Much like the very popular 4NTV Live, 4NDevelopment Live will be streamed live for 30 minutes, in a 4Sight style, and it's all aimed at giving you helpful tips, insights and value to make your networking work better. 

All the content on 4NDevelopment Live will be networking tips and advice and will be presented by a different 4N member each fortnight. To present to the group just message us below. 

Here's the running order...


  • May 10th - Adam Stevens - How to actually make money from 4networking! - 6 years in and out of 4Networking, Learn from your mistakes they say... Over 6 years in the network, Adam's made every conceivable mistake possible and trashed his reputation repeatedly... but what now? Adam will give you a different view on making the most of the 4N network. 
  • May 24th - Kirk Pickstone - Using networking to build a business - Kirk shares the steps he took when using 4N to build his business from the ground up, and how you can use them to take your business forward.
  • June 7th - Matt Richardson - Converting Visitors - easily! How I've managed to sign up many visitors, at their first meeting, without a hard sell…
  • June 21st - Michael Nagles: A quick start guide for new members.
  • 5th July - Craig Davies- Sell Less to Sell More. 3 powerful tools to change your networking.
  • July 19th - Michele Ibbs - If you don't know - how do you expect me to know?! Michele tells you how to help your fellow members find you the business you actually want
  • Aug 2nd Claire Russell - Growing a profile with a 4N membership - Find out how Claire not only launched a brand new business but became a well-known personality and business in 4N
  • Aug 16th - Kirsty Gray - Holy shitballs! How networking really works! - How did you start networking? Kirsty has an interesting/alternative business and will share her top ten tricks for not being a twat!
  • Aug 30th 
  • Sept 13th Alicia Jardine Laurie - "I Miss You" Three simple words to grow your group

Not on the presenter list but want to be? email sheena@lightningtraining.com now and we'll put you through our vetting process! 

  11th Jan 2017 - 13:36 11th Jan 2017
Sheena Whyatt
KAPOW! Your Personal...

Looking forward to working with you on this Todd! 

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