Making sense of your marketing workshop – Sutton & Mitcham

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Making sense of your marketing workshop – Sutton & Mitcham

Making sense of your marketing workshop
How to raise your profile and engage more customers.

I'll be running a workshop directly after the Sutton & Mitcham 4N breakfast meet on 12th September 2017, 10am –12pm at Mitcham Golf Club. Why not book into both the breakfast and the workshop (details below).

Cost: £12.00 – a bargain!


'Marketing' – a tag word for some, a hazy idea to others. Marketing has long been recognized as a very powerful, if not indispensable, strategic set of tools. By the same token, it is almost invariably a continuous activity. Making sense of your marketing is a workshop that makes you familiar with the basics of marketing and dispels the myth that it's a complicated, dark art!

Whether you're a small home business, a local charity or a mid-size business looking toa grow, the right marketing approach can make your company or organization stand out from the crowd. This workshop shows you how to find, reach and engage with your customers in a way that brings in business.

We will look at just what marketing is and how the many things you can do will help raise your profile, promote your business and gain you more clients and sales.

Workshop Contents
The concept of marketing – What is it?
The marketing mix, the 4 P’s – How to use them.
Marketing & sales – Overlap / Interaction
What is a customer? – How to identify them and narrow down your target audience.
The many different types of marketing – what suits you?
Marketing plan – Create a plan that is easy to understand and use.

Who should attend: Professionals of all levels who wish to learn about marketing in a very concise and practical way, and those who need to freshen up on it.

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Marketing is an important part of promoting and advertising a business especially when its Online Digital Marketing. Most people are now relying on the internet and they buy and check products and services online so marketing only is very effective.

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