First 4SIGHT - Enjoyed it!

  12th Sep 2017 - 11:29 12th Sep 2017
Marvin Henson
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First 4SIGHT - Enjoyed it!

What a great crowd at Stratford the other week. 

I presented my first 4SIGHT - How "Engaged is your Business - Will it survive beyond 2020?" - Contentious I thought....

But I think it well !  Attracting comments like "Relevant", “Insightful” , "Informative" , "I didn't consider that" , " I need to implement that" and "Who'd a Thunk it!"....

Doing it all again at Solihull next week on Wednesday 20th September  at their new location - The Plough Beefeater, Stratford Rd, Shirley.

Hope to see some of you there 




  13th Sep 2017 - 15:40 13th Sep 2017
Kon Frankowski

Nice! You've got plenty of experiences to share, M. You'll be awesome! I wish I could come! But no Hillfield anymore?

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