What does Google’s Fred Update Mean for My Business?

  12th Sep 2017 - 15:49 12th Sep 2017
Alexander Hedges
Alloy Marketing Ltd

What does Google’s Fred Update Mean for My Business?

Has anyone here been effected by the Fred update to Googles algorithm?  It mostly effects website have loads of advertising but it could also effect small business websites, especially if the content isn’t good. In non-marketing lingo, that means if text on your website is badly written, has typos, has bad grammar or is a copy of text elsewhere on the internet.

When it comes to SEO and being found in Google, it’s not news that quality and quantity of content is essential. Websites have needed to have their fair share of high quality and relevant content to appear high up in rankings for some time. We provide the most advanced local seo Manchester has to offer as we pay very close attention to keywords and how they are plummeted in all the written copy of a website.

This particular update is another way in which Google is cracking down on those trying to game the system as it is more likely to limit the ranking of website that have tried to churn out loads of content but of a very poor quality. Here’s some more information about the impact of the Fred Update on local SEO for small businesses.

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