A cyborg in our midst!!!

  13th Sep 2017 - 14:53 13th Sep 2017
Damian Holland
SR Computers

A cyborg in our midst!!!

Last Friday at Stockport we actually had a cyborg in our presence at Stockport breakfast.

The inimitable Rachael Chiverton explained to us all how she was part human and part machine and provided the x-rays to prove it!! 

Unfortunately the X-ray proved a little difficult to photograph properly. However, that did not lessen the impact of Rachael's story of how she overcame a serious back problem in her teens and had to make life changing decisions at that young age. Truly remarkable.

Altogether a very inspiring story. Thank you Rachael.


Now next time we have what another great 4Sight to offer in the shape of Ian Mackintosh from Inteta and his "Sound and Vision" where he gives us insights how 40 years of rock gigs have shaped his business thinking with regards to giving presentations. I have seen it so can say with certainty it is a cracker.

You can book on here if you haven't already.


It would be great to see you next week.


  13th Sep 2017 - 15:03 13th Sep 2017
Sian Rowsell
Sian Rowsell Coachin...

Great meeting and great 4sight Rachael! See you next time! 

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