Problem with display of Excel, PDFs etc

  16th Nov 2017 - 18:31 16th Nov 2017
Carolyn Holt

Problem with display of Excel, PDFs etc

Can anyone please help.  All items are autoreducing in size until they are so small eg thumbnail I can do nothing with them.

The usual ways of changing size aren't working.

In Excel there's a zoom slider showing which is stuck at the lowest setting and won't let me change it.

Can anyone please help as a matter of urgency?

Thank you


  16th Nov 2017 - 20:59 16th Nov 2017
Gail Webster
XLAddict Ltd

I've seen Excel do some strange things but this is a new one for me. Does this apply to new blank spreadsheets?

If it's in the print preview screen it's likely to be something to do with your printer and it's default paper size.


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