Super Dooper Stockport

  17th Nov 2017 - 16:15 17th Nov 2017
Vivs Long-Ferguson
Long & Ferguson

Super Dooper Stockport

We had an excellent breakfast meeting today. We have our new team shaping up and settling into their roles. Great support from other groups, passport members and our area team. 

We enjoyed a super audience participation 4Sight from Louise Moseley on selling personas. 

Lots of constructive feedback on our new venue Alma Lodge Hotel so feeling very positive as a fairly new GL. 

Thanks to all who help shape Stockport 4Nwise. I hope you will join us for our next meeting 1 December when we hear from Ann Bach the lady with the Edge. 


  17th Nov 2017 - 16:27 17th Nov 2017
Louise Mosley
NB Coaching

Thanks Vivs! it was a pleasure to be back in Stockport. 

Thanks everyone for your enthusiastic participation & to Darrell, Alan & Sam for our 1:1s 

Have a great weekend and see you all soon 

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