Design -How much does it cost? Is it viable for any business?

  20th Nov 2017 - 14:25 20th Nov 2017
sabrina brimelow
sab8 media

Design -How much does it cost? Is it viable for any business?

Check the above link where we discuss about design. The article came about after a conversation with a client on the different prices he was quoted for the same project by different designers.

Leave your comment here if you wish and let me know what your toughts are regarding design.

Thank you

  26th Nov 2017 - 20:10 26th Nov 2017
jonny alden
jonny windows

my personal experience is that MOST designers are really lacking in inspiration, browse their work and its all very samey.   i believe if you want anything designing thats for marketing online use or in print you need to ask somebody who has no connection to any paid design company ,so youll get something totally fresh. 

  27th Nov 2017 - 13:25 27th Nov 2017
sabrina brimelow
sab8 media

Maybe it is because some of those company who offer design, do not actually design, but cut and paste from royalty free inmages. That is not how you do graphic design. Real graphic design does not take 5 minutes or a day and certainly does not cost you £5 either. We have done a lot of market research in the past two years before starting our business. Fresh ideas comes from speaking to your client, understanding the message and profile they would like to convey to their audience. The values and ethics behind their business and how they would like to present themselves. It's looking into their workplace and taking inspiration fromtheir environment. The visual image has to carry meaning and helping to tell a story.

  18th Mar 2018 - 12:20 18th Mar 2018

Agree - good design costs money, because the creative process takes time. It's the same with my industry PR. Just as a lot of people expect a designer to conjure their perfect graphic out of thin air, some assume that hiring PR agency, is going to see them on the front page of The Times.

Design, like PR takes research, creativity and consultation. That said, the number of designers I have met who can just 'get' a project straight away I can count on one hand. 

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