Getting oily at Billericay 4N...

  21st Nov 2017 - 15:15 21st Nov 2017
Gemma Upham
Healthcare Practice ...

Getting oily at Billericay 4N...

Well now that the tile got your attention, why not come and join us for another brilliant meeting at The Burstead Golf Club tomorrow morning? 

These two weeks are flying by as quickly as ever! We have 18 booked and 2 visitors at Billericay tomorrow, it’s not too late to book in!

We’ve got a fabulous 4sight from the wonderful Jacky Rands titled ‘Plant Life - How natural remedies saved my son from a debilitating mental health condition and changed his life’

I’m looking forward to what promises to be an inspiring talk!!

See you all bright and early.

Gemma x

  23rd Nov 2017 - 18:28 23rd Nov 2017
Mark Hewitt
Trueman Brown

I tell you that if you want to listen to the 4Sight of a survivor then Jacky Rands is recommended!

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