4N Romford Thursday 23rd November

  22nd Nov 2017 - 12:18 22nd Nov 2017
Lee Wenz
Olympic Print & Design

4N Romford Thursday 23rd November

Hi All

With only 33 days till Christmas... Hang on, let's not worry about that!!!

it's Romford 4N tomorrow

Another great meeting expected, welcoming back Stephen McCafferty as our 4sighter.

Looking forward to seeing you all again in the morning, till then feel free to start blogging

All the best


  22nd Nov 2017 - 12:25 22nd Nov 2017
Daniel Evans
Evans Insurance

welcome back Christine Tuffnell!! 

  22nd Nov 2017 - 12:28 22nd Nov 2017
Kelly Bater
K Bater Consultancy ...

It is going to be a super 4N as usual 

Not long until our Christmas special too........although I am not allowed to talk about that yet until it is December....sorry Lee 


  22nd Nov 2017 - 12:50 22nd Nov 2017
Lee Wenz
Olympic Print & Design

We'll miss you tomorrow Kelly

  22nd Nov 2017 - 13:02 22nd Nov 2017
Bijal Bennett
Admin Inc.

Looking forward to seeing the gang tomorrow! Kelly, you'll be missed! 

  22nd Nov 2017 - 15:31 22nd Nov 2017
Mark Hewitt
Trueman Brown

Looking forward to seeing Ms Tufnell at 4N again!

  22nd Nov 2017 - 16:01 22nd Nov 2017
Chris Ives
Karatbars Internatio...

It will be good to see Christine back in the room.......I spoke to her on the phone yesterday.   It's been ages!

As to our serial 4Sighter......good of Stephen to step in with a new one at such short notice.

Have fun in Spain Kelly.....doing all that work??

Cheers, Mr Pink 

  23rd Nov 2017 - 14:23 23rd Nov 2017
Lee Wenz
Olympic Print & Design

Thank you all for another great 4N Romford meeting. Special thanks to Stephen who stood in at the last minute to deliver another interesting 4Sight.

See you all in a fortnight , 27 booked in already

Go Team Romford

All the best, Lee

  23rd Nov 2017 - 14:28 23rd Nov 2017
Mark Brown
World Technologies

Great morning as ever with 4N Romford

Now getting back to this secret Xmas talk.......When will the beans be spilt??

  23rd Nov 2017 - 14:32 23rd Nov 2017
Jane Eve Horgan
Virtual Assistant Whiz

Great meeting this morning and a massive well done to Stephen for stepping in last minute. I am now flying at 35,000 feet wondering where I need to land.

Have a good day all.



  23rd Nov 2017 - 14:32 23rd Nov 2017
Lee Wenz
Olympic Print & Design

Kelly keeping it under wraps until December. I think will contain some Christmas Spirit tho

  23rd Nov 2017 - 18:27 23rd Nov 2017
Mark Hewitt
Trueman Brown

Wow - A meeting of lost 4N Souls.

First, a great welcome back to Christine Tufnell. It has been a long time.

Then at the end of the meeting, Gemma's father Terry (or is that Tim!) turned up .


  23rd Nov 2017 - 19:19 23rd Nov 2017
Gemma Upham
Healthcare Practice ...

Don’t forget the future 4Ner Archie! 

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