Disparnumerophobics united at Macclesfield breakfast this morning!

  22nd Nov 2017 - 14:41 22nd Nov 2017
Sian Rowsell
Sian Rowsell Coachin...

Disparnumerophobics united at Macclesfield breakfast this morning!

This morning, we were all treated to 8 great tips from Rachael Chiverton on 'what not to do when writing an eBook' (whether or not you suffer from disparnumerophobia). Several attendees mentioned afterwards how they're going to put her tips into practice! If you haven't seen this 4Sight, get Rachael down to your local meeting, failing that, check her out on 4NTV: 

 https://youtu.be/-RvZJ4OBnlI ;

I spot a few attendees taking careful notes! 

Many thanks to our lovely visitor (now our newest member!) Carol, Carol Clarke for joining us today and starting a trend in the 40s round!

I must mention our wonderful #teamMacc swim team who won bronze at the Macclesfield Amateur Swimming Club gala last night in the workplace squadron relay. See if you can spot the medals in the pictures below! Next year we're after the winner's plaque!

Also, as mentioned, Macclesfield is the only meeting in the region that Brad Burton (4N founder) is visiting as part of the 12th anniversary tour in the New Year. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of the fun on 14th Feb - reserve your place now! https://shar.es/1Mppb2 ;

And before that, don't forget to book in for our next meeting on Dec 6th when our 4Sighter will be Macc regular Peter Beard with a 4Sight giving tips from the techniques of influence & persuasion! https://shar.es/1Mppwi ;

Since Christmas is coming... we took pictures of attendees in the (Toby Carvery) Coca Cola truck! Who can you spot?? #4NMOTW 

See you in a couple of weeks! 

  22nd Nov 2017 - 15:12 22nd Nov 2017
Rachael Chiverton
Rachael Chiverton Ltd

Fabulous post Sian.

Thank you to everyone who mentinoed my 4Sight had helped them, whether they were going to be writing an ebook or just in overcoming some obsticles.

Really looking forward to Peter's 4sight and also to seeing everyone again.

  22nd Nov 2017 - 15:14 22nd Nov 2017
Sian Rowsell
Sian Rowsell Coachin...

I'd like to add a personal thank you to Sonia, Nicola and Carol for 3 great 1:1s. Thanks ladies!

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