Christmas Carols for Cats! Sing along with your pets with these books ... purrrrfect stocking fillers for cat lovers

  23rd Nov 2017 - 11:38 23rd Nov 2017
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Christmas Carols for Cats! Sing along with your pets with these books ... purrrrfect stocking fillers for cat lovers

Christmas Carols for Cats - the first of the trilogy - originated one night in 1995 when John (my late husband) and Julie (John's first/late wife) wrote the songs in the back of a small notebook and on bits of paper napkins, whilst dining in a Chinese restaurant in Johannesburg. Julie subsequently drew all the illustrations and the book was published by Bantam in 1997. The other two books followed a couple of years' later.

Much to John and Julie's disappointment, however, the publisher insisted on using their in-house illustrator so her lovely drawings were never used.  In 2016, John and I decided to publish these books on Kindle so that we could feature Julie's illustrations; new covers were designed, too.

Amazon recently introduced a paperback publishing facility so I thought it would be a great way to keep John's and Julie's legacies alive by getting the books into print. I intend to donate a sizeable percentage of the proceeds to a local cat charity.

Christmas Carols for Cats lets you sing along with your cats this Christmas. This is a whimsical collection of well-known Christmas Carols, hijacked by our fluffy feline overlords, to give fun insights into how they celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Crackers for Cats is an assortment of festive limericks, created especially for whimsical cat lovers. You can learn of your cats' views on life, what gives them pleasure, why they lust hungrily after your pet canary, and their skills at turning your pristine home into a messy, chaotic shambles.

Nursery Rhymes for Cats is a collection of humorous feline modifications of common nursery rhymes, calculated to amuse cats and bring a smile to their human staff.

If you are a cat lover, these books are PURRRRFECT STOCKING FILLERS for you, friends and family; to purchase, please go to John's website, scroll down and click on the books:" href="" target="_blank">

Here are the links also:" href="" target="_blank">" href="" target="_blank">" href="" target="_blank">

Thank you for helping to keep John's and Julie's legacies alive 

Merry Christmas and happy reading!


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