What's all this black friday madness about!

  24th Nov 2017 - 18:01 24th Nov 2017
Ellie Williams
Muscle Dynamics

What's all this black friday madness about!

Hey all, who's spent part, if not all day glued to their computer screen shopping for black Friday deals? I mean where did all this black Friday madness come from? Have you picked up any great deals or just bought lots of stuff you don't really need but felt like a good idea at the time?

Who weakened to the marketers plans?

Chelmsfords 4N meet on Monday morning show cases a 4sight from our very own Melanie Knight entitled - Talking About Our Generations.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Ellie x

  24th Nov 2017 - 18:15 24th Nov 2017
Chris Goss
Averkey Locksmiths Ltd

I have perfect antidote, down in Ross on Wye already for some R&R this weekend :-) :-) :-) 

  25th Nov 2017 - 07:58 25th Nov 2017
Chris Ives
Karatbars Internatio...

I have never and will never be sucked in by the Black Friday madness.  It plays on the weaknesses of human nature and being Mr Pink is far better than being Mr Black.

I have heard Mel's 4Sight...... it is a good one and makes you realise how to deal with diffrenet generations.

See you Monday.

Cheers, Chris aka Mr Pink.    www.mrpink.gold ;

  26th Nov 2017 - 19:37 26th Nov 2017
Jane Eve Horgan
Virtual Assistant Whiz

I can't stand Black Friday. Too many offers being pushed under my nose and none of them of any interest. When I do look for what I am interested in to see if it's on sale, it's not! 

Looking forward to Melanie's 4sight. 

See you in the morning 


  26th Nov 2017 - 20:02 26th Nov 2017
jonny alden
jonny windows

personally i think its a bit of a con-but hey if you love shopping then black friday will get the blood rush i guess

  27th Nov 2017 - 09:16 27th Nov 2017
Paul OrangeTree
OrangeTree Online

I have spent zero time searching for offers.

If I need something, I will purchase it.  Likewise if I want something.  I have no concept of spending time shopping. 


  27th Nov 2017 - 21:31 27th Nov 2017
Ellie Williams
Muscle Dynamics

Missed you today Chris. See you on the 11th for our last before christmas?


  27th Nov 2017 - 21:41 27th Nov 2017
Ellie Williams
Muscle Dynamics

I'm pleased to hear no one was sucked into the Black Friday madness. I noticed on a shop window today 25% off Navy Friday this week. WTF!

Chelmsford 4N meet was full of energy today, we were all on fire. Thank you Ian Slocombe the 'electrician that keeps his appointments' for fixing my lamp. Turns out it needed the bulb changing!AKWARD! But as Ian says he is an expert in electrics and boy I'm glad he is, I haven't had a lamp for 3 months!

See you all on the 11th December wher Mr Mark Sexton has a hum dinger of a 4Sight.



  28th Nov 2017 - 10:27 28th Nov 2017
Paul OrangeTree
OrangeTree Online

As an 'after the event' feedback, I can report that the retailers in whom I invest did not run a Black Friday sale.

Sales on Friday were pretty much as usual, but with the advantage of being at the usual margin.

In previous years, we did run a promotion.  Sales were pretty much as usual, and at the usual margin, and only one usuage of the discount code was recorded.

As a small independant retailer, we would have to market hard to change that.  And marketing hard to sell at a loss is not my thing. 

  28th Nov 2017 - 11:08 28th Nov 2017
Luke Magnay
Clout Media

Really glad I got to visit Chelmsford, been wanting to for some time. I think I'll wear a suit though next time as I did get a bit chilly in my polo!

I did look at BF this year because I was on the hunt for new computer hardware and I've saved about £200 overall. Normally though I'm not interested as I "want for nothing", me.

Have a great week all,


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