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  30th Nov 2017 - 13:13 30th Nov 2017
Brian Clancy

Brian Tracy's Success Newsletter


Did you know that building and maintaining long-term selling relationships is the key behavior and skill of the Top 10% of all money earners in sales? 

If you could take everything we know about communications, put it all in a large pot, boil it and distill it down into its critical essence, it's about the importance of relationships in successful selling.

The Reason for Success

Most of your success in life will depend on your ability to get along well with other people, and on the quality of your relationships. Psychologist Sidney Jourard, found that 85 percent of a person's happiness in life comes from happy interactions with other people. The reverse holds true as well: 85 percent of a person's unhappiness or problems in life comes from difficulties in getting along with others.

Sell to Many People

Anyone can sell to a few people, some of the time.

But only the very best human relations experts can sell to a wide variety of people, and sell to them repeatedly. The only way that you can make the kind of big money that you desire is by selling more easily, and more often, to the prospects you talk to -- then having those prospects open doors to others through testimonials and referrals.

All top salespeople build and maintain high quality business (and personal) relationships with their customers and sell to them repeatedly year after year.


  30th Nov 2017 - 13:16 30th Nov 2017
Brian Clancy

Simple - 20/80 Rule!

Focus on the 20% of people/actions that generate 80% of your profiis

  30th Nov 2017 - 19:19 30th Nov 2017
Mark Stonham

Very important topic, but one that I have a question about.

I'm unsure if there's an assumption or oversight in the many posts about the importance of relationships, and that is that there needs to be VALUE given and received on both sides (or expectation of value) in order to sustain the business / sales relationship.

The sales person, their company and the product or service needs to delivers value to the client/buyer, for which the buyer pays money.

The referrer or introducer gets some value. The distributor gets value by way of commission, etc.

I'm struggling to think of any circumstances where an ongoing business relationship would continue if the value exchange (or anticipation of future exchange) was no longer part of the equation - and that's down to qualification.



  30th Nov 2017 - 22:50 30th Nov 2017
Brian Clancy

"I'm struggling to think of any circumstances where an ongoing business relationship would continue....."

Sell a consumerable product/service; you have to follow up regularly with clients in case competitors try to question your added value, which is based on trust

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