Extrovert - US?!

  1st Dec 2017 - 13:56 1st Dec 2017
Mark Sexton
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Extrovert - US?!

Hi there Braintree!

Who remembers Leonard Sachs from the Good Old Days TV show? Whether you do, or whether you don't, his schtick was to describe and celebrate events and people in rambling hyperbolic sentences featuring daring feats of tautology and alliteration ......well I reckon today's meeting deserves a spot of Sachs ( I said Sachs, people, let's keep it clean!) as we celebrated a return to the Good Old Days when Flagship meetings at Braintree were more common.....so here goes:

Fantastically frenetic, full of frolic, frivolity and fifteen quids, overflowing with froth and fun -  that was just the signing in bit with our super Sally.......

How about the nonstop, natural, neighbourly, occassionally naughty but frequently noisy pre-meeting networking ....

What about the consistently creative, coincidentally cacophonous & coquetish, breakfast and 40 second round that contained copious circumambient capaciousness amd caffeinated carbohydrates ....

Our 4sighter was energetic, exhilarating, entertainingly educating while simultaneously emphasising her ever expanding, extravagence ,extrovertability (is that even a word?) and effervescence - thank you, Jill, you were 'Ely', 'Ely' extraordinary!

My 1:2:1 s were wonderful, witty and wacky - thanks to Danica, Clive and Jill for our chats ........and to Wendy for our expanded 1;2;1 afterwards...

I'm going for a lie down .........have a great weekend all & I'll see you next time!


  1st Dec 2017 - 14:37 1st Dec 2017
Sally Parkinson
Sally Parkinson Phot...

Always a good meeting but today a really great meeting!!  Excellent 1-2-1s with Graham, Danica and Steve.  Thoroughly enjoyed Jill's presentation and our chat afterwards...oh and thank you to Wendy for her help in finding me an Osteopath!  4N isn't just business :)


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