4N Romford Thursday 7th December

  6th Dec 2017 - 15:28 6th Dec 2017
Lee Wenz
Olympic Print & Design

4N Romford Thursday 7th December

Hi All

Its our penultimate meeting of the year, I hope you're already for some Romford Buzz?

With 23 booked incuding 6 visitors, there's some good networking to be had

See you all there in the morning and please feel free to join in on the forum!

Oh and not only will you have the PAIN or Pleasure of my voice throughout, I've come of the subs bench at late notice to do the 4sight be gentle with me i'm a virgin



  6th Dec 2017 - 15:40 6th Dec 2017
Gary Beck
Beck Wealth Manageme...

Really looking forward to the Romford buzz tomorrow morning.

See you all there.

  6th Dec 2017 - 15:41 6th Dec 2017
Daniel Evans
Evans Insurance

Sounds like another good meeting is on the cards !

  6th Dec 2017 - 15:44 6th Dec 2017
Mark Brown
World Technologies

Looking forward to a great end to the networking week for me!!


  6th Dec 2017 - 16:35 6th Dec 2017
Bijal Bennett
Admin Inc.

It's going to be another great meeting!

  6th Dec 2017 - 17:05 6th Dec 2017
Kelly Bater
K Bater Consultancy ...

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

Really looking forward to meeting our visitors and seeing our regular passporters.

Lee, pleased to have you on the subs bench, you will do your 4sight one day 

See you all bright and breezy in the morning.........I best go to bed soon 


  6th Dec 2017 - 18:03 6th Dec 2017
Lee Wenz
Olympic Print & Design

Hey no worries Kelly, I'm happy to stand aside for Kristel's 4sight

It's gonna be a great meeting

Bijal, I'll have that coffee brewed for you ...... 6 visitors

  6th Dec 2017 - 20:39 6th Dec 2017
Gemma Upham
Healthcare Practice ...

Woohoo one of my favourite meetings to attend glad to be a regular again!!! See you all bright and early, make sure there’s plenty of coffee to go around Lee...my child has forgotten what sleep is recently 

  7th Dec 2017 - 07:47 7th Dec 2017
Mark Hewitt
Trueman Brown

Attending just to see Lee's 4sight. SEVEN!

  7th Dec 2017 - 12:26 7th Dec 2017
Lee Wenz
Olympic Print & Design

Hi All

Thanks for a another great 4N Romford

Kristel for her 4sight, and saving my bacon, and Welcome to our new member James Pepper

All the best



  7th Dec 2017 - 12:27 7th Dec 2017
Daniel Evans
Evans Insurance

I hear Kristel did a great 4sight today! 

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