Ely in an Updraft ... Uplift!

  6th Dec 2017 - 17:22 6th Dec 2017
Jill McCulloch
Coach You

Ely in an Updraft ... Uplift!

Hi Ely Peeps

Wonderfully uplifting meeting!  What with Sally DC from Way of Joy's inspiring 4sight about her near death experience as the first femail fighter pilot, Mark's Volvo's saving us from death and Eric's Wills preparing us for death it was a surprisingly jolly meeting! 

I finally remembered my glasses and managed to do a great imitation of an aging Minnie Mouse wearing them! Managed three excellent 121s with Mark Samway from Neva Consultants who's passionate about safety, Amanda Cox from Not Just Travel who's passionate about finding all the answers for people, Zoe Ashmeade from The Dog House Solution who I remember at Primary School and Aidan Kirkpatrick from Kirkpatrick Consult Limited who is putting all his learning from engineering and teaching to good use. We look forward to having them join the gang.

On December 20th we have the mighty Martyn Hazlewood talking to us about becoming a Firefighter - really great 4sight, not to be missed.  So bring your friends!

Don't forget Kenneth Lee from Hardcastle Burton performance on BBC Radio 2 Pop Master on December 18th! 

Thanks to all of you for joining in the banter and funny heckling!  Remember your Christmas tins/milk for Ely Foodbank and feel free to get as dressed up as  you like!

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19 more sleeps ...

Kind Regards


  7th Dec 2017 - 17:16 7th Dec 2017
Sarah Clark
The Word Boutique

Hi Jill, lovely to see you here after we connected at Ipswich last week! You'll have to PM me your address; I finally received my copies of Viva Voluptuous back from my publisher and I'd love to let you have a copy :)

Sarah x

  8th Dec 2017 - 11:23 8th Dec 2017
Kenneth Lee
Hardcastle Burton Fi...

Hi Jill - Really great meeting in Ely on Wednesday morning: great energy and passion in the room.

Yesterday I accompanied some local teenagers to the House of Commons. They took part in a debate on the legalisation of drugs. The event was organised by Lucy Fraser, with a charity called Debate Mate; The debate itself overseen by the BBC's Lucy Manning. I am proud to say that our local youth did us all proud and the upcoming generation in our city were passionate about their stance whilst remaining articulate and respectful. So please if any of you can give your time or expertise to any of our local youth orgainsations please do.

On a middle aged note...Radio 2 have moved my Popmaster Champions League appearance to Tuesday 19th December (c10:20 am).

See you all in the New Year,

Kenneth Lee Hardcastle Burton

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