Tuesday 12th December - Bluewater Shopping For You?

  7th Dec 2017 - 16:09 7th Dec 2017
Mark Brown
World Technologies

Tuesday 12th December - Bluewater Shopping For You?

So the Christmas shopping is now well and truly underway......What do you need to get? Where are you going to get it?

Most of us will be a bit lazy and order online but some things need to be bought at the shop, so will you be going to Bluewater Shopping Centre on Tuesday 12th December? Will you aim to beat the crowds by getting there at just after 10am?

Well, as you'll be in the area, why don't you come to 4N Dartford for breakfast. We finish at 10am and you'll only have a 2min drive to Bluewater from there - Two birds, one stone.......

Book into 4N Dartford, network and then go shopping  And all before the lunch time crowds - I can't help you any more than that !!

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