Is it to late to say Happy new Year? I'm new to 4N

  10th Jan 2018 - 10:17 10th Jan 2018
Catherine Rees
Purely Wellness Coac...

Is it to late to say Happy new Year? I'm new to 4N

Hi, I'm Catherine from Purely Wellness Coaching.

When you are thrown a curve ball in life it can rock you to your very core.

You get caught up in the here and now of an event triggered reaction and often lose sight of who you are (and the many versions of you).

Purely Wellness Coaching is passionate about removing the stumbling blocks that have found their way into people's lives. Whether those blocks appear within a person's career, relationships or health, Purely Wellness Coaching understands that by coaching YOU as a whole, your wellness, you can learn techniques to navigate you towards success.

We work alongside organisations who wish to support their employees through periods of change, as well as individuals who would benefit from the support, clarity and inspiration that a coach can bring.

Thank you for reading my message, if you have any questions, please let me know

Best wishes


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