Energising for 2018!

  12th Jan 2018 - 17:41 12th Jan 2018
John Wallace
TS3 (UK) Ltd

Energising for 2018!

Our first meeting back has a start studded line up of Wickford's finest and I know we are going to spark and energise each other.

I hope that your 2018 has really started with a lot of activity and fun. My year has been hectic so far and I'm looking forward to turning this is into great business.

Our 4Sight will be from Richard Paytor. This will be the first time I've seen Richard take the lead, and I'm really looking forward it. 

If you have any leftover cracker jokes, I'm sure Mr P will be delighted to hear them over his coffee!! 

See you all on Monday

Best wishes


  12th Jan 2018 - 17:52 12th Jan 2018
Clive Purdy
Devines Chartered Ac...

The Wonderful World of Wickford- THE place to be on Monday for a great start to 2018!

  12th Jan 2018 - 19:39 12th Jan 2018
Linda Windsor
Snowed Under

Looking forward to getting back

Although the Chichester provide a great breakfast so the diet is postponed ....again 

If youve not booked in ... why not ? 

  12th Jan 2018 - 20:57 12th Jan 2018
Chris Ives
Karatbars Internatio...

Looking forward to being back without a Monday hangover.....now 12 days in on dry January so please do not upset me John 😁

Cheers Chris aka Mr Pink Gold

  13th Jan 2018 - 19:42 13th Jan 2018
Barry Wilson
Wilsons Quality Remo...

Hi everyone, ive been thinking for a while now about getting my teeth into this networking game. 4N looks pretty laid back and fun.


Feed back please. 😊 thank you.

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