Viral Giveaway contests work! (List building)

  11th Feb 2018 - 14:52 11th Feb 2018
Jules Watkins

Viral Giveaway contests work! (List building)

One way I have built a substantial and niched list is using Viral giveaway contests.

Meaning you offer a decent and relevant Prize that your customers/ prospects desire. It could be a gadget or software, event tickets, all kinds of things.

When they enter they are offered more (points) i.e tickets in the draw if they share the link to the contest, and are rewarded if they Like / Follow you on social.

So it's sets off a chain reaction.

I have increased my email list by 1k+ in a few days using this. Currently checking out software to do this (no affiliation at all) so far pretty good, they are many other options out there.

Setting it up is dead simple - then mail your existing list or get sharing on Social.

Here is my latest contest to win a Wireless Smartphone Microphone for Video. Since my niche is Video Creation courses and Video Marketing training it's a great fit.

Best of luck with this strategy.


  11th Feb 2018 - 19:00 11th Feb 2018
Ian Grey
WADIFF Consulting

I hope you are ready for May and the GDPR. You can still do all of this, but your opt-in process must give details of what you are doing with the personal data. What you currently have doesn't meet the requirements.

  11th Feb 2018 - 19:21 11th Feb 2018
Jules Watkins


cheers for comment!

Yes am aware - it's february :) and I am giving some tips on the style of contests that all kinds of brands run.

Some useful case studies here.



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