Why it is a good move to buy to let in Edinburgh?

  12th Feb 2018 - 06:17 12th Feb 2018
Andy Whitway
Umega Letting Agent

Why it is a good move to buy to let in Edinburgh?

The UK property market has sustained terrific growth over the past 20 years and has proved to be a very good place to place your money, allowing your money to work harder for you than in most other asset classes. Investors have consistently chosen to buy to let in Edinburgh either going it alone or by instructing a letting agent in Edinburgh to take care of a property search and property management on their behalf.

Why invest in Edinburgh?

There’s no doubt that Edinburgh is one of the UK’s preferredbuy to let locations. It’s easy to understand why Edinburgh holds such an enormous appeal to tenants flocking to the city and it has grown to become an attractive place to be for professionals, tourists and students alike. This huge population influx into the city has further strengthened the argument for investors to buy to let in Edinburgh.

Reasons to buy to let in Edinburgh

Here’s threereasons letting agents in Edinburgh would suggest to buy to let in Edinburgh -

Booming business hub:

Edinburgh is fourth largest financial center in Europe, and second largest in UK with many large financial institutions head quartering their operations in the city. Likewise there is an emerging wave of fin-tech businesses operating in Edinburgh bringing a new wave of people to the city. This all increases the number of professionals from all around the globe who have now settled in Edinburgh and are looking for rented accommodation in the city.

A student destination:

Edinburgh is home to 4 Universities. Due to the high standard of education and the Universities’ reputation globally, many students from all parts of the world come here to study. As a result,demand for student accommodation continues to rise which increases the demand for buy to let property in Edinburgh.


Over 4 million visitors flock into the city every year, this makes Edinburgh the most visited city in Scotland. Since hotels and resorts are not enough to host this large influx, renting out to holidaymakershas become a big business in the city.

So, there you have it;
it’s an easy case for investors tobuy to let in Edinburgh.If you’re considering investing in property in the city, please contact Umega Lettings and we’ll help you with property search, sharing our knowledge and experience of sourcing, buying, letting and managing buy to let property in Edinburgh.


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