Vehicle & Asset Finance - 1st March shall be the next registration change

  13th Feb 2018 - 20:47 13th Feb 2018
Adrian Brooks
Chatsbrook Vehicle a...

Vehicle & Asset Finance - 1st March shall be the next registration change

80% of vehicles on the road are financed with an even more disturbing 7 out of 10 buyers accepting the first finance product a dealer put to them

Do you understand the finance agreement you are about to or have signed for your new car?

Have the the various different finance packages in the market place been explained to yourself, from hire purchase, lease purchase, personal contract purchase then contract hire - Which one is best for your circumstances, have the pro's and con's been explained?

Are you aware you do not have to use the suppliers finance and can source your own?

If you are considering the purchase of a new or used car and would like to discuss the various finance options available to yourself contact Chatsbrook, in late 2016 the business was created by myself coming from 20 years working within the motor industry to provide transpartent finance solutions removing the jargon to ensure you recevie the right package for your needs, great pride is taken by ourselves to ensure you will always recevie the right guidance whether that be to finance through ourselves or the dealer route - By providing a transparant service we ensure our past, present and future clients will recommend ourservices.

Contact us on 016003 733500 or email to recevie your free quotation, theres nothing to lose but potentially plenty to save!


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