A business built around the owner can only grow.........

  12th Mar 2018 - 16:00 12th Mar 2018
Brian Clancy

A business built around the owner can only grow.........

Sometimes the 'thing' that got us to where we are is the one thing that’s holding us back. 

A business built around the owner can only grow to the time and stress capacities of that owner. Many find that, without realising it, they are the bottle neck in their own business.

Here’s the thing…..What got you here won’t get you there! To take a good business to being a great one we need to learn to think differently, create better systems and build amazing teams.

If you team up with a successful Network2080 specialist you will learn;

  1. The 6 step framework needed to grow a business that isn’t centred around the owner
  2. How our own beliefs and conditioning can hold us back without us even knowing it.
  3. How to value your most precious commodity….time. And how to make the absolute most of it.
  4. You’ll need cash to grow your business to the next level, A Network2080 specialist will show you how you can quickly generate over 60% more profit!!
  5. Simple models to get the absolute best out of your team that you can start implementing the very same day.
  6. How to create systems in your business that do the work so that you don’t have to.

I guarantee……

- A meeting packed with immediately actionable content

- Interactive coaching, you’ll get to ask questions.

- No sales pitching, just fun and education. 

For GDP compliance purposes, could please reply either;

1. Interested. Please contact me to arrange a meeting and keep my contact details. My mobile number is 07xxx xxxxxx.

2. Not interested. But keep my contact details.

3. Not interested. Delete my contact details.

Kind regards



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