Is Hashtag important for networking and events?

  14th Mar 2018 - 09:32 14th Mar 2018
Thales Jacobi
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Is Hashtag important for networking and events?

The natural path to follow when organising events and business meetings is to ask people to post something about it on their Twitter account.

There are other social networks also, like SnapChat, Tumblr and G+, but will this improve the event in any way?

Will it increase visibility online? I think it will, so that is why we have just launched #4nTwyford which will be used to promote the business lunch DURING the meeting (

What do you think?

  19th Mar 2018 - 11:04 19th Mar 2018
Jessie Goldleaf
Goldleaf Productions

I always like when I see a #something. I think it does help increase the visibility online somewhat, but maybe not dramatically.

  19th Mar 2018 - 11:49 19th Mar 2018
Lee Rickler
Point and Stare

If someone searches for the hashtag then it'll show in results BUT, how many times is it searched for?

  19th Mar 2018 - 11:55 19th Mar 2018
Thales Jacobi
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Thank you Lee and Jessie, I'm thinking on changing the current one from #4nTwyford to something more generic like #BizNetworkingTwyford -- this should be more relevant to people looking for networking events in the region.

  21st Mar 2018 - 17:22 21st Mar 2018
Jac Morton
Pear Drop Creative

I think using a standardised 4networking hashtag would work better, as the more people that tweet it the higher the chance it has of being seen. If all the groups work together with hashtags it will benefit all of them, rather than having multiple hashtags for each meeting.

In regards to using general hashtags, start from the end user and work back, how do they start looking for networking events?


  21st Mar 2018 - 17:27 21st Mar 2018
Thales Jacobi
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That is an important remark because 4N already have the hashtag #4nworks, thanks Jac

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