Don't pay attention to this!

  29th Mar 2018 - 17:22 29th Mar 2018
Simon Hicks

Don't pay attention to this!

Now that you've ignored me and I have your attention. Don't pay attention to this title.....that's the 4Sight Duncan Price will be delivering on Tuesday at Banbury breakfast, where he will talk about the importance of positive language. So if by Tuesday morning you're tired of all the leftover easter chocolate and fancy a full English breakfast instead (we also have continental, veggie and gluten free), then come along and see us at the Cherwell Edge Golf Course. Book yourself in here:


  29th Mar 2018 - 18:43 29th Mar 2018
Thales Jacobi
Handshake Links

Don't read this comment!!

  1st Apr 2018 - 21:43 1st Apr 2018
Martin Gaunt
The Computer Technic...


  5th Apr 2018 - 13:13 5th Apr 2018
Jessie Goldleaf
Goldleaf Productions

Ahhh I read it!

  13th Apr 2018 - 00:47 13th Apr 2018
Alexandra Dunton
LEX Marketing

It worked you have my attention!

  16th Apr 2018 - 10:48 16th Apr 2018
Tim Allsop
Blue Footprint Ltd


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