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  16th Apr 2018 - 12:08 16th Apr 2018
Jack Knight
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4N Lancaster


Hi folks, I joined 4N just over a year ago now and my subscription is coming to an end (it was extended because I made some successful referrals).

I'm a single parent who can't drive and so when a Lancaster 4N group started up I signed up at their second meeting. It was a half hour bus ride away from home and it was a pretty narrow squeak getting the school run sorted and making it to the start of the meeting, but that was still closer than any other 4N group and it made joining 4N a realistic possibility. 

Sadly, that membership has lasted longer the Lancaster group did, and now I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do. I've made some great contacts and got some business with 4N over the last year, but I haven't been able to get to any meetings since December and it's coming up to renewal time. 

It's probably a bit of a no brainer, but just in case there's something I'm missing I thought I'd ask the forum, do you think it's worth renewing my 4N membership considering the main reason for my joining has since shut down? 

  16th Apr 2018 - 13:54 16th Apr 2018
Lee Rickler
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Hi Jack.
Only you can decide if a membership will benefit you (attending meetings is just one part of the equation).

By the sounds of it, you cannot get to any meetings therefore a passport isn't really going to be a benefit but, you never know, there might be others starting up.

Possibly call HQ and see if they know of any new groups starting up in your area.

  16th Apr 2018 - 14:02 16th Apr 2018
Jack Knight
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Hi Lee,

I remember you replying to me when I asked about the 4N Lancaster group a couple of years ago after it closed down the last time. (Before I had had a chance to join).

Thanks for replying by the way, I appreciate it. I was really hoping that it wouldn't close down this time. 

I'm sure if a new group was starting up the local reps would let me know. They've started one in Kendal recently, but there's no way I can do the school run and get up to Kendal by 8am. I've had a look to see where Chorley was, as it was suggested on the meetings page as being near me. Turns out it's even farther away than Preston! 


Ah well, it was a good run whilst it lasted I suppose. I'm sure I can still get a lot of networking opportunities through 4N online. 

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