Is the 4n forum dead? Part 2: a renaissance?

  3rd May 2018 - 19:09 3rd May 2018
Alexandra Dunton
LEX Marketing

Is the 4n forum dead? Part 2: a renaissance?

Dear 4ners,

A pleasant surprise 

I was pleasantly surprised by the responses to my original post.

It would seem there is a hankering for the days of the forum after all...

I posted on facebook at the same time and only received one response.

I feel this channel could be undergoing a renaissance? 

Debut 4sight - how did it go in the end?

So, thanks again for the tips you provided. Although I wasn't going to debut my life story..I did start by talking about my Lincolnshire roots.

People seemed to respond well to my attempt at humour and it got off to a good start. I appointed a timekeeper to stay on track, inspired by my days at Toastmasters. I was concerned about going off on a massive tangent, thankfully managed to keep to my original plan.

Gave quite a few insights about current marketing trends and then some questions to help when allocating a marketing budget.

I got positive feedback and felt like I conquered my first 4sight nerves. 

If you're still reading...

I have another question that I'm curious about your opinion...

For those who have been in business for a long time...what keeps you motivated on your journey?

At times of both success and disappointment, what has helped you keep your feet on the ground?

What fuels your persistence?




  4th May 2018 - 00:36 4th May 2018
John Edward

Hi Alexandra

I am inspired by your positiveness abou a renaissance and I would like to think that is the case. There is a problem however in that 4Networking members have been promissed a new web site with it its arrival as far back as Spring 2017 but delays and more delays have meant it has not materialised.

I believe that the forum that exists currently will not be in a new web site so a renaissance is great but 4Networking when they launch the new web site may feel that all the activity is on the 4Networking community page on Facebook and they will not include a forum as we know it.



  4th May 2018 - 10:18 4th May 2018
Chris Maslin
Maslins Accountants

Glad the 4sight went well.

Two things the forum would need to get some genuine life back:

1) the "buy my stuff"/"come to my group"/"pasted crap for SEO purposes here" need to be removed/shunted to a separate part of the forum.

2) a reasonable number of engaged people wanting to actually discuss stuff come back.

I can't see (2) happening without (1) being done first. Reason being it's so depressing to spend time trying to debate and raise interest only to see it disappear under a flood of spam.

  4th May 2018 - 16:33 4th May 2018
Alexandra Dunton
LEX Marketing

Hi John,

Yes, perhaps my positivity is not grounded in reality. I did not realise that a new website was on the horizons. 

We shall have to make the most of it then in the meantime!

It would be interesting to get some feedback from the 4n team. 

I've noticed a lot of posts about this subject. 

I'm curious now! I do like the forum.

I don't know what it was like before, but had some good comments and useful advice.

Find it a very different channel to the facebook group.

Have a fab weekend. 




  4th May 2018 - 16:43 4th May 2018
Alexandra Dunton
LEX Marketing

Hi Chris,


Yes, I think that is a good point. 

I guess some form of separation could work well?

Then it would help save time too for the reader. 

If you want to read the more business/sales related stuff you can just go straight to that area, but if you're looking for a discussion about a specific theme, you can see all the threads in one location. 

People seem to have strong feelings on this subject that is for sure! 

Enjoy the long weekend!



  5th May 2018 - 07:09 5th May 2018
Brian Clancy

Brad Burton prefers the Facebook group - end of debate!!!

  18th May 2018 - 22:12 18th May 2018
Eric Tomlinson
ETOM Consulting Ltd

I used to be quite active on the forum, but when it collapsed down to a single collection of all the nonsense posts it just died. I really like a separate forum that I can dip into on coffee breaks. I have a couple I visit on a regular basis, which is why I still lurk this forum occasionally.

I will not go near a facebook group, I have too much already happening on there at a personal level and I want to keep business and craziness apart. I certainly don’t want to risk some of the things my daughter says going through my business network!

I did try having a business facebook presence, but that is just a waste of valuable time. So, I would love to see a revival of the old forums.

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