Are you going to be fair to Scarborough (FC)?

  4th May 2018 - 13:31 4th May 2018
Mark Sexton
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Are you going to be fair to Scarborough (FC)?

Blimey guv'nor!

Another meeting right 'out of the top drawer' as one of my favourite sports commentators says (a lot!) ..............

Brilliant bonkers Braintree was on top form today ......  the lively open networking was followed by a brilliant 40 seconds round (Graham Pretty really excelling I thought - "I'm looking for stinky plumber everyone - I still have a one and two available!"") and then we were taken into the murky world of 1990s football finance by Clive Purdy during his 4sight. Fascinating stuff as the audience were appalled (Graham again) and educated (Steve) in equal measure.........I hope everyone found their 121s as valuable as I did - thanks to Graham Pretty , Elliot Lee- Lazone and Chris Winnett for their time and information.

Thanks indeed to Chris W from Birch Financial for visiting us today.

Our next meeting in a fortnight features a 4sight from our esteemed Area Leader, Dayni Jackson-Abbott, so definitely one not to be missed.

The sun has got his hat on ....hip hip hip hooray so I hope everyone takes advantage of the better weather to top up their tan and Vitamin D levels...

See ya again soon on the 4N circuit.........



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