Looking for Business Leaders

  24th Jun 2018 - 22:08 24th Jun 2018
Gary Smith
One Xi Consulting

Looking for Business Leaders

I am looking to profle business leaders in the Portsmouth, Chichester, Southampton, Brighton, Crawley areas so that we further understand what makes an amazing business leader and the different characters, ages etc

Are you a successful leader and what makes you successful - Let me know so we can connect

Do you know what makes a succesful leader or a successful business owner



  26th Jun 2018 - 11:55 26th Jun 2018
Vivekananda Baindoor...
WAKE Technology

In my view anyone who himself/herself claims to be a leader - is NOT.

It is the followers who should point at a person and say he/she is a leader.

What do you say to that?

  5th Jul 2018 - 15:23 5th Jul 2018
Gary Smith
One Xi Consulting


I agree and dis-agree - Anybody can become a leader and understanding what a leader is is key to that. If you understand the 5 levels of leadership then you can comfortably say whether you are a successful leader or not. It be an effective leader where you have respect is only something given to you buy your people.

But fundamentally you can call yourself a leader if you understand and work to the leadership principles

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