Advice for a teen looking for a career in Film animation?

  27th Jun 2018 - 13:14 27th Jun 2018
Sharon Banham
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Advice for a teen looking for a career in Film animation?

Hi, my 13 year old daughter has decided she would like to be a film animator, so I'm looking for words of advice that can set her on the right path, from subjects to study in her options, advice where she can extra support to learn coding (Is there a recommended company or course?) through to little tips that might help along the way?

Thank you in advance.

  5th Jul 2018 - 10:48 5th Jul 2018
Richard Hayes
Kept Assets Limited

My Daughter has just graduated from Lincoln University with a degree in Media Production, during her time at Uni she made the effort to do summer internships wherever she could get in, luckily this included Sky, Envy post productions and Crow TV so when she finished at Lincoln she walked (after some hard work) into a full time 'runner' job (which is the starting point for all media positions). As a runner there is usually on the job training which with dedication will get your daughter to where she wants to be.............

Hope this helps..

  5th Jul 2018 - 12:02 5th Jul 2018
Sharon Banham
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Brilliant thank you 😊 


  5th Jul 2018 - 16:29 5th Jul 2018
Luke Magnay
Clout Media

Hi Sharon,

I'm not an animator but if she's looking to get into the media industry she'll need to have a showreel ready for when a prospective client inevitably asks "What have you done previously?". She can host her videos on both Youtube and Vimeo. I'd advise NOT monetising her videos on YT because ads are annoying.

To that end, she just needs to get creating. Animations about anything, something. Perhaps comical stuff as well as more serious things to show she can address different moods.

Software/app wise I'd be inclined to suggest/recommend she goes with Adobe's Animate as they're Industry Standard so would look good on her CV if she's versed in this. I'm sure there are others and some free ones out there but couldnt suggest on any of them. Details at . Yes its a monthly fee but see if she can blag some sort of student discount perhaps as they do offer student deals too. Ensure she keeps good expenses on ANYTHING she buys for her business (if shes going to be freelancer) as that helps come tax return time.

Lastly, if she's going to go freelance and build her own brand please advise her to get it right from the start. I'd highly recommend her to think of a name and then run it through to see if her @name is available cross-platforms. It looks super slick if you're just ONE name to serve all accounts. I hate it when I hear "Well on twitter I'm dave__plumber (double underscores are the worst ) but on Insta I'm @theplumberdave" etc etc. Ugh! My business cards have @cloutmediauk and around it the various social icons #onenametorulethemall

I hope this helps. Good luck!

  6th Jul 2018 - 16:24 6th Jul 2018
Sharon Banham
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Brilliant advice thank you 😊 she’s 13 and only recently decided this is what she wants to do so a complete novice! Will look at adobe for a start / thanks again 

  10th Jul 2018 - 18:30 10th Jul 2018
Sharon Stiles
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There's a free online animation course here to give her some ideas
  10th Jul 2018 - 21:35 10th Jul 2018
Sharon Banham
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That looks great thank you 😊, she’s definitely got lots to sink her teeth into over the summer x

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