A5 flyers

  10th Nov 2008 - 17:27 10th Nov 2008
Sarah Hills
Hexagon Webworks

A5 flyers


A friend of mine is starting her own floristry business and looking to get some A5 postcard/flyers printed. I promised I'd ask here at 4N for an idea of price.....so can anyone give me a rough estimate for full colour print run of 100, on relatively decent paper? Probably just one sided at the moment, although that could change


  10th Nov 2008 - 17:31 10th Nov 2008
Stefan Thomas
The Networking Retreat

Good to see you on here Sarah!

Locally your best bets are:

Roger Rapley @ VIP - http://www.4networking.biz/members/view.htm?UserID=15008

James Minion @ Symmetry - http://www.4networking.biz/members/view.htm?UserID=16396

  10th Nov 2008 - 17:32 10th Nov 2008
Michelle Francis
michelle francis

Hi Sarah, I've had some contact lately with www.printing.com not sure if they do a 100 but they do 500 for £66.

  10th Nov 2008 - 17:33 10th Nov 2008
Karen OrangeTree
OrangeTree Online

I haven't seen any of Rogers' printing so I can't comment on that but have seem James's digital printing and it is fantastic quality. There is a pricelist on his website.

  10th Nov 2008 - 17:56 10th Nov 2008
Sarah Hills
Hexagon Webworks

Yep, I do pop up on here occasionally

Thanks for the pointers, will be in touch with James/Roger when I get a spare moment....

  10th Nov 2008 - 21:12 10th Nov 2008
Lisa Bishop
Clear Sense Solutions

Hi Sarah

I have just ordered 2000 Business cards, full colour, double side from Saxo Print for £35 including delivery - google them to find them so I think they might be very good for the A5 flyers, hope this helps


  11th Nov 2008 - 15:43 11th Nov 2008
Jackie Grier
Connexus Networks Ltd

Hi Sarah,

Try Phil at Graphix Print by Design info@graphix.co.uk he had a special offer on for 4N members.

  24th Nov 2008 - 11:11 24th Nov 2008
Andrea Salmon
AS Secretarial Resou...

Vista print are very good but they currently only do A4 fliers - but try them out for business cards and other promotional literature.

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