A5 flyers

10th Nov 2008
Sarah Hills
Hexagon Webworks

A5 flyers


A friend of mine is starting her own floristry business and looking to get some A5 postcard/flyers printed. I promised I'd ask here at 4N for an idea of price.....so can anyone give me a rough estimate for full colour print run of 100, on relatively decent paper? Probably just one sided at the moment, although that could change


10th Nov 2008
Stefan Thomas
The Networking Retreat

Good to see you on here Sarah!

Locally your best bets are:

Roger Rapley @ VIP - http://www.4networking.biz/members/view.htm?UserID=15008

James Minion @ Symmetry - http://www.4networking.biz/members/view.htm?UserID=16396

10th Nov 2008
Michelle Francis
michelle francis

Hi Sarah, I've had some contact lately with www.printing.com not sure if they do a 100 but they do 500 for £66.

10th Nov 2008
Karen OrangeTree
OrangeTree Development

I haven't seen any of Rogers' printing so I can't comment on that but have seem James's digital printing and it is fantastic quality. There is a pricelist on his website.

10th Nov 2008
Sarah Hills
Hexagon Webworks

Yep, I do pop up on here occasionally

Thanks for the pointers, will be in touch with James/Roger when I get a spare moment....

10th Nov 2008
Lisa Bishop
Clear Sense Solutions

Hi Sarah

I have just ordered 2000 Business cards, full colour, double side from Saxo Print for £35 including delivery - google them to find them so I think they might be very good for the A5 flyers, hope this helps


11th Nov 2008
Jackie Grier
Connexus Networks Ltd

Hi Sarah,

Try Phil at Graphix Print by Design info@graphix.co.uk he had a special offer on for 4N members.

24th Nov 2008
Andrea Salmon
AS Secretarial Resou...

Vista print are very good but they currently only do A4 fliers - but try them out for business cards and other promotional literature.

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