Eak! Just been invited to my first BNI meeting.

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  13th Jul 2009 - 15:13 13th Jul 2009
John Botting
Future Legal Service...

Eak! Just been invited to my first BNI meeting.

Met a guy at a networking event last week in Maidstone. He was very chatty and had his BNI pin proudly displayed. We sat at the same table and got chatting. Very nice guy actually. He spoke very positivily about BNI, and I spoke about what I had heard (negatives) which he said was not his experience. Anyhow he ended up inviting me to his chapter meeting.

So next Wednesday I am attending my first ever BNI meeting.

  13th Jul 2009 - 15:20 13th Jul 2009
Matt Richardson
Chorus IT

Open mind.....hope you enjoy it!

  13th Jul 2009 - 16:10 13th Jul 2009
Brad Burton

John its perfect or you. Honestly you'd prosper from it.

  13th Jul 2009 - 16:13 13th Jul 2009
Glasstec Paul

John its perfect or you. Honestly you'd prosper from it.

...and so will his host when the next PALMS report is published.

  13th Jul 2009 - 16:59 13th Jul 2009
Stefan Thomas
The Networking Retreat

John its perfect or you. Honestly you'd prosper from it.

...and so will his host when the next PALMS report is published.

What's a PALMS report Paul?

  13th Jul 2009 - 17:25 13th Jul 2009
Glasstec Paul

A PALMS report is one half of a register which monitors each BNI chapter member's role.

P - Present ( attendance is crucial )

A - Absent ( awol earns the absconder a warning letter )

L - Late ( lateness is frowned upon and offenders will be 'helped' or told off )

M - Medical ( only way you don't get told off / trump card to use for the above )

S - Substitute ( if you can't make it, get a sub, but if you keep sending in a sub, they may 'review' your position in the chapter )

The other half is a performance chart:

G - Given (number of referrals)

R - Received (no of referrals)

V - Visitors - ( members are monitored for how many they bring in a month)

T - Testimonials ( none of the above? One of these will save your skin)

£ - Loadsamoney ( "this member has generated £xxx this month" which is recorded in a 'Thank you for the business' box)


  13th Jul 2009 - 17:35 13th Jul 2009
Lloyd Richards
LPR Mortgage Services

Going to chuck my tuppence worth in here. BNI and all networking/referral organisations have their good chapters and their bad. Dare I say that some 4N groups are more uplifting than others.

The point is, it's all about the people within the group, so if the BNI chapter that you are off to has some dynamic, inspiring, business minded individuals then you will have an absolute ball.

I went as a substitute to a BNI meeting last week and I'm afraid to say was greeted by a very lethargic lot. Reading from a script, no inflexion, no enthusiasm etc...and you wonder why they have a problem with inviting guests.

My advice (not that you have asked for it...) take a bucket load of enthusiasm and a whole lot of love and you will walk away having made a superb impression and hopfully some great contacts.

Love and peace


  13th Jul 2009 - 18:18 13th Jul 2009
Gary H Sutherland F....
EmployEasily Legal S...

Lloyd you've hit the nail on the head!! I'm a proud member of BNI, and an Assistant Director, and have seen firsthand how poerful BNI membership can be both in terms of growing your network but also as far as gaining new and repeat business.

Contrary to what has been said in many posts on the subject, there is NO issue with being a member of both BNI and 4Networking (I actively participate in both) and each offers their own unique benefits.

Take lots of business cards, an open mind and I'm sure you'll get something positive out of it.

PR: wait... I: wait... L: wait... LD: wait... I: wait... wait... Rank: wait... Traffic: wait... Price: wait... C: wait...
  13th Jul 2009 - 19:14 13th Jul 2009
Brian McMahon

I would fully echo what Gary says.I have substitued at two seperate meetings and picked up work from both in the last two weeks.I found the people friendly and the meetings well conducted.

I did laugh when the speaker did not turn up and we had a 1:1 with the person beside for 10 minutes -it went down well!!

My only issue is that the breakfast is inferior and not a key focus--I do believe in my net-eat as well as work.


  13th Jul 2009 - 20:34 13th Jul 2009
Pauline Balfour
am:pm graphics

Hope it goes well...you can get great chapters and terrible ones, from what I have heard.

Be prepared to do your talk! No one told me about that bit before I went


  13th Jul 2009 - 21:02 13th Jul 2009
Ian Hudson
Legal Mentors

There are good & bad BNI Chapters.

There are good and bad 4N Groups.

Try it and then decide. If it looks like generating leads, then it's worth investing (BNI or 4N).

  13th Jul 2009 - 21:03 13th Jul 2009
Brad Burton

The difference with 4N you can choose which groups to go to after you join.

  13th Jul 2009 - 21:34 13th Jul 2009
Richard Wade
Richard Wade

u might find it great relaxing experience that gets u off to a gr8 day - u might - i also may grow some yellow wings and start dancing at 4N meetings !!!! - its catching on.

  13th Jul 2009 - 23:26 13th Jul 2009
Tara Gillam
Enterprise Europe Ne...

I have just attended my BNI Training as a new member, and after being an active 4N member for the last year, I found it extremely helpful with regards to the preperation and planning for your 40/60 second round....

Who wants to hear to the same spiel week in week out...

its helped me focus and drill down what I want to put across and how it will come across to everyone else in the room....

What I would say is go with an open mind, enjoy and taking along the 4N philosophy to the meeting will definately help you....

Its helping me to totally regroup and focus on all the networking I am doing to ensure I get the most out of it.

  14th Jul 2009 - 00:00 14th Jul 2009
John Botting
Future Legal Service...

Some great positive comments here. This is BNI guys, where are the negatives

Seriously, I am rather looking forward to seeing it for real after reading so much here! The only thing that concerns me is the chapter is not in my franchise area so not sure if I will benefit from referrals.

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