BNI / 4Networking Directors sitdown.. the outcome

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  20th Nov 2009 - 13:01 20th Nov 2009
Brad Burton

BNI / 4Networking Directors sitdown.. the outcome

You may or may not know, that BNI UK owners & 4Networking Directors Tim J and Terry Christmas satdown to meet at midday.

i'm on baby minding detail so wasn't there, but in terms of the outcome of the meeting,

But i think its fair to say relations between the 2 orgs is the best its ever been.

I'll always rib referals, they ain't my thing, i don't get them but thats me, but the lakes of fire and brimstone rallying of old has been put to bed.

BNI works.. you can quote me on it. No doubt, its not for everyone, neither is 4N, but Its amazing to see how far 4N has come in ust 4 years when the 2 biggest networking orgs in the UK can now sit in front of each other and work through the issues.

Fairplay to all those involved with making the relationship happen in particular, Roger Green & Phil Brumfitt & Paul Clegg BNI for opening up those original lines of communication with 4N.

Bit of a collective networking group hug i think.

  20th Nov 2009 - 13:07 20th Nov 2009
Lisa Blackler
Honesty Marketing

  20th Nov 2009 - 13:12 20th Nov 2009
Pam Charman
Forever Living

Best way to go!

  20th Nov 2009 - 13:16 20th Nov 2009
Sarah Smith
Centre Court


  20th Nov 2009 - 13:21 20th Nov 2009
Mark Bryant
The Media Partnership

I can see Mike Morrison re-joining BNI now...

  20th Nov 2009 - 13:23 20th Nov 2009
Brad Burton

hahahah the thing is look as i say, as long as the rivarly is friendly then thats great.. footy teams have it, my colours blue yours burgandy.. thats how we roll

  20th Nov 2009 - 13:32 20th Nov 2009
Lee Rickler
Point and Stare

For me - BNI and all the other closed shop networks simply do not not work. They are insular, narrow minded and restricting.
For others - 4N isn't serious enough, it's too informal, it's too loud/ brash/ in your face.

That's why I will never attend a BNI breakfast, let alone join up, but will gladly be an Area Leader for 4N.
On the other hand I doubt BNI etc would want me as a member - after all, I am a rebel rouser, apparently.

In respect to the meeting - well done. Petty politics does no-one any good.

  20th Nov 2009 - 13:37 20th Nov 2009
Brad Burton

makes 2 of us Lee, we got so much in common, fat, bald and rebel rousers. But we're 4N bigger than that, in i said to my board i'm not going to rewrite history to appease anyone.

But whats in the past is indeed in the past, as we near our 4th Birthday 4Networking is better suited to plough our energies and resource into maintaining the positivity and bouyancy for all those that sail within this good ship.

  20th Nov 2009 - 13:44 20th Nov 2009
Chris Matthews
The ''Energy Savings...

Good to hear that the meeting went well, far better to get along together rather than putting each others business down.

I personally love 4Networking but equally all my BNI experiences have been good too

I think with all networking groups it comes down to the people in the room, but in particular with BNI since it's very formal the dynamics of the groups and the folks reading the script can make or break the meetings. I'm lucky all the BNI meetings I've been too have been positive, friendly and productive but it's evident that this is perhaps not always the case.

The great thing about 4Networking is they've nailed it with a structured but informal format and the script makes it almost impossible to get a crap meeting in my opinion in fact it actually fast-tracks the relationship building.

At the end of the day once the meet/like/know/trust is in place then the magic happens, regardless of the networking group.

Kind Regards, Chris.

  20th Nov 2009 - 14:25 20th Nov 2009
Rob Hartshorn
Sales Elevation Ltd

Well that's good to hear. 4n and BNI are just two sides of the same networking coin. Some choose 'heads' every time, some choose 'tails' every time and both can be winners.

I can now resist the constant urge to want to scream 'grow up' to those who were unable to differentiate between 'football friendly' banter and a 'my way or the highway' mentality.


  20th Nov 2009 - 14:25 20th Nov 2009
Nigel Cook
Connected Marketing ...

Excellent outcome - as stated, 4N works for some (such as me), BNI works for others, and for some both work in harmony.

Let's see if we can refer more BNIers to 4N (lol).

  20th Nov 2009 - 15:08 20th Nov 2009
Lynda Colley
Arbonne Independent ...

Terrific, definitely worth a group hug!

I don't see the beneifts of BNI either, I understand how it works! It is a basic form of the closed shop - you scratch my back I'll scratch yours but hey if it works for you, then great!

Personally I think competition is good, it builds better quality products and services.

You wouldn't go into M&S to buy a jumper and expect to find a whole shop full of grey jumpers, would you?

NO you want a choice, the style, colour even price to suit you! So why wouldn't you want the same from anything else you are buying into?? duh!

But all credit to the people that have succeeded in getting the conversation going, there is and should remain the choice of how and with whom you network - just do it with 4N? It's a no brainer!!


  20th Nov 2009 - 15:16 20th Nov 2009
Jon Baker
Growing your firm

Brilliant, nice one Brad.

I do both, and think that both have their place (and work for me); although (like many groups of people in many walks of life) some people take the whole thing too seriously and seem to hide behind rules, format and scripts.

  20th Nov 2009 - 15:38 20th Nov 2009

Now the last bell has rang and the fight is over... I recon we have a Dance Off!

  20th Nov 2009 - 15:44 20th Nov 2009
Mira Taylor
Avid PR

Ohhhhwwwwww, I preferred it when we were sworn enemies.

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